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Edit this page (last edited August 12, 2004)

I think that we should start using the News on the Front Page more often to like welcome new member and announce new articles etc. I looked in the news archive recently and found tht people used to do this.

-King Of Gondor
Yes I Agree With King Of Gondor!

*Raises his hand in agreement*

Neix J

So what does Shnar Gru think aye?

-King Of Gondor
Go for it! This is YOUR site, so do as you deem fit!

I used to do just that, because I was a lot more active, but I only end up coming here now-a-days about once a week, since RL has sucked up so much of my time. As such, I often miss new members, so I end up not posting it on the news page. I mean, nothing was posted in all of July!

Remember, just because I host the site doesn't mean I control it. A wiki website is truly run by the community.

-Shnar Gru

Thanx, we'll start doing that then!

-King Of Gondor

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Edited August 12, 2004 (diff)
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