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Message Board/Note To All

Edit this page (last edited October 3, 2005)

Just a quick note to all users. Please update and/or fill in the user preference page. Because of the amount of vandalism that has been occurring lately it may speed up and make it easier to identify the changes that may have in fact been legitimate. Thanks.

-The Precious
Again, I can't thank you guys enough for keeping this site as clean as you have. I'm getting so sick of these BOT vandales that I'm looking into getting CAPTCHA integrated with our edit. Go out Open Wiki and edit any page and you'll see what I mean (it's the "enter text in fuzzy image" thingy). Also, my specific request is at .

This may be a minor inconvenience for us who are normal members, but at the very least it will prevent these massive spammers. If I can find time in the near future, I'll add user-accounts to the website, but as a quick-fix, I'm going to add CAPTCHA.

-Shnar Gru
You've been doing a great job the precious at fixing vanalised posts! Hopefully the Capthca should work and if you have to add user accounts, at least there won't be any pretending to be other users like the animal wizard incident..

-The Terrain Dude
One "quick fix" has been to make people enter a username before editing. I've not wanted to do that for the reason that a vandale might take one of our names (such as the AnimalWizard? incident), which IMHO is worse than the "blind" vandales. So, if Lotr Wiki goes the route of requiring usernames, I'll add a username + password scheme, requiring login's before edit. Until then, I'm trying to figure out how to do this CAPTCHA stuff...

-Shnar Gru

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Edited October 3, 2005 (diff)
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