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Message Board/Only Users Can Edit Pages

Edit this page (last edited May 2, 2004)

This will prevent most vandals to abuse the site. Is this possible to do?

I'm looking into it, however I don't think I want to do so yet. If I force the user to enter in a username then what's to keep them from using one of our usernames, impersonating us? Then, I'll have to create a username/password feature. And even then, what's to keep them from creating a user account and then damage pages even more. Then, I'll have to start implementing some kind of security/permissions/banning/etc.

No, not yet. The majority of these intrusions are limited to the first page. It's so easy for us to fix the change (see the thread Message Board/Who Is The Psycho Who Keeps Changing Everything Into CHEESE about how to do this), as long as we're an active community, we can easily stay on top of the vandales. Their just immature kids who think it's funny to damage someone elses work. They get their cheap thrill and go away. Have you noticed that they pretty much only mess with the front page? Eventually, they're going to completely forget about the site and we can continue on our merry ways.

If it truly gets out of hand, then I'll start implementing security. For now, what I will probably do is just block certain IP addresses.

-Shnar Gru
Well, against my better judgement, I've added code to block out one particular user. This user normally damages the front page, and that's it, so I've simply hardcoded the pages to block him from editing any pages at all. He can still view them, but will get a "no thank you" message if he tries to edit/save anything. So, if we have other users who consist on being vandalous then I can easily block their IPs too.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited May 2, 2004 (diff)
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