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Message Board/Pets

Edit this page (last edited January 24, 2005)


Have you ever wanted to show off your pet? Well now you can, post pictures below along with a bit of info (optional).

I present to you my pets!

-Captain Of Gondor

Pepsi, My Dog
This is my Dog Pepsi. She's really silly and adorable. She's always doing puppy eyes at me.


"Look at that tounge!"

"Oh here they are, the puppy eyes!"

Tigger, My Kitten (well kinda)
We owned Tigger only for a short while as it was lost and we looked after it for awhile and then gave it back to the owners. She's soooo cute!



Puss, My Cat
Behold, the fiesty feline!

"All shall fear me!!!"


Harry, my cat

Here he is with Larry

Harry Loves his brother...

Harry Loves the camera...

He likes to sleep in the strangest places sometimes...

"Watcha got there?"

Larry, my Other Cat

Hi Larry!

What ARE you doing on top of the Garage door?


lol You gave the cat back!? :'( How did you find the owners?

-Ranger of the North

Coby my dog(/poodle). Yes, he is as small as he looks!

-Ranger of the North
We found them because we'd seen that cat around there, I guess he just ran off.

-Captain Of Gondor
I got 2 dogs and 2 cats.

They are both Lab/Kelpie cross. Although Chief(left) is more Lab and Bo(right)is more Kelpie.

This is Rastus our male tabby

This is Sprite our female tabby and white.

-The Precious
Here's my pet: Just kidding!
I had a cat, but we are renting and had to get rid of him.
Lasta Greyshield

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