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Message Board/Problem With Wikis

Edit this page (last edited December 12, 2005)

Note: This was posted in the Gaming/Gaming FAQ and felt it worth to be kept but not in that location, so creating a thread here with the Pros and Cons of Wiki.

-Shnar Gru
This is the problem with a WIKI site, i can do this


yeah you can edit it but i can keep changing it to this.

Not the brightest of ideas I must say...

Not true, not true at all. It's a rather uninformed (and immature) stance on things, particularly considering that Wiki sites have been around since 1995. There are literally thousands of Wiki sites that let anyone and everyone change anything, and yet, for some reason, they haven't been destroyed, vandalized, and are still very strong and alive today. The many community members are much more active than the occasional vandale. The vandale get's his cheap thrill, gets bored and leaves. The community ignores him and continues to thrive.

There was a recent thread started on the Message Board about this that has a few links you should read that truly explain why wiki works and people are for the most part generally decent. I mean, why would you want to do something like that? Just to be a prick? If you're not going to contribute, then don't. But why destroy? Are you fascist? In fact, your activities prove why a Wiki site with an alive community will always conquor vandales. You came, did a couple silly changes, and left. Why didn't you destroy the whole site? Too much work? Too lazy?

Probably the best thing about a Wiki site is that you'll almost never see "update" posts that say things like "Well, you’ve seen nothing new here for a while. Sorry about that. I have been busy..." etc. Why? Because ANYONE can update these pages, it's not just in the hands of one or two people, it's truly in the hands of the whole community. Come back in a week, you'll see more. Come back in a year, you'll see a massive website with never-ending content. What you won't see is a vandalized place, because (and I've already seen this with the few active members we've got) since the community runs this joint, the community will step up and make sure it's not vandalized. It's so easy to fix the silly changes.

I'm going to leave this here for now, but will remove it in a few days. If you really want to discuss this in a mature fashion, then post a reply to the Message Board/Who Is The Psycho Who Keeps Changing Everything Into CHEESE topic. That's a perfect place to discuss the pro's & con's of Wiki.

-Shnar Gru

Oh wait? You want me to destroy the site? Okay then, I have nothing to do...

There's nothing stopping you. I have to ask, since you're so scared of user-edits, why haven't you destroyed the site? Probably because it's against your better judgement. Most people are decent individuals, when you give them half-a-chance. How did you come by this site? My guess is because you're an Lot R Fan. If you truly have "nothing to do", then why don't you create an article or two about your gaming experience? Be productive rather than destructive. You'll find it quite addictive.

-Shnar Gru

P.S. If you truly want to discuss why Wiki will or won't work in the long run, why don't you start the topic on a different page other than the Front Page, say like in the Message Board. Anything that doesn't belong on the Front Page will be immediately removed. But if the topic is put in it's proper place, it will remain and we'll have a healthy discussion about it.

And BTW, Wiki does work in the long run. How many websites do you know are still around from 1995, particularly websites that anyone and everyone can edit? It's the long run that will make it survive.

I think u should ban Gillybob because he is so bad and posts stupid things


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Edited December 12, 2005 (diff)
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