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Message Board/Putting Link To This Site On My Posts

Edit this page (last edited May 1, 2004)

Hi guys

Just a quick question I don't have a site and don't plan to so I think I could put the link to this site on my TLA posts. Obviously I would say it isn't mine but anyone can change it etc. Asking just because Shnar Gru might think I'm taking all the credit for this site which I won't be.

-Fires Of Mordor
By all means do so. The only credit I have is in paying the $10/month for the hosting, and possibly starting the website. The code I'm using is OpenSource?, I've just tweaked it here and there (like banning users). Most of the content on the site is your guys' work, not mine

Note though I do have another .com address that forwards to this one, You'll probably want to use that one in your signatures.

-Shnar Gru
Thanks alot

Fires Of Mordor

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Edited May 1, 2004 (diff)
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