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Message Board/Ranger Profiles

Edit this page (last edited June 27, 2004)

Can someone write down/tell me where I could find profiles and rules for Rangers? Full rules. Can they shoot more than one arrow a turn?

Neix J
They're in both the Two Towers rulebook as well as the Rot K Rulebook. They might be in the So G suppliment, I can't remember.

I'm going to ask everyone to not reproduce "official" stats in bulk like this. If you have a specific question on a specific rule, no problem, but listing stats from a book that you can easily go and buy we should avoid doing. We don't want to incur the wrath of Games Workshop...

-Shnar Gru
Only one problemo Shnar Gru. I can't go and buy the book, be cause guess who doesn't live somewhere where it rains money? Me! I have enough in my savings acount, but Ill probably never be allowed to see that money till my parents (bless their souls) die.

So please, can Rangers shoot more than one arrow per turn? Thats all I realy want to know.

Neix J
No they can't i'm sorry to say,but they only need a 3+ to hit

Citadel Guard
If you don't have the books, then how are you playing? You must be playing with someone who does have the rules, or are you simply making things up as you go along?

There's a reason this is one of the few rules I am enforcing on this website, to not reproduce large amounts of copyrighted materials, i.e. rules and stats. The last thing I want is for Games Workshop to try to get all lawyer-ish on me and take the website down. As such, the official stance of the lotrwiki is to not reproduce in bulk copyrighted materials.

I don't mind a small portion or a clarification. This will easily fall under the "fair-use" clause of copyrights. For example, "can Rangers shoot more than one arrow per turn" is a perfectly fine question to ask for which an answer will be supplied (thanks Citadel_Guard). But if you ask if "someone write down/tell me where I could find profiles and rules for Rangers? Full rules." that is asking too much.

-Shnar Gru
Sorry - I only asked for the fule rules to make sure no one would miss out if they could shoot extra arrows (hangs head in shame) I was playing in accordance with the rules slowly supplied with BGi ME, but I just brought the Rot K Starter Set on THursday, and read all the rules ina day !

Neix J
No worries, this is such a sticky topic on all Lot R fansites that I wanted to make sure I was absolutely clear.

In the future, I'd recommend using whatever rules are present. If you only have BGi ME, for example, then play only by their rules. You and your friends shouldn't introduce new rules only on speculation (unless of course you're creating your own house rules).

-Shnar Gru
I was just anxious to know, you know? I don't even have any rangers yet, and neither of the Gaming stores in town have them *sigh*, so I probably wont have any for a while...

Neix J
Did you try Alpha Omega comics too? They have had some Lo TR stuff.

-The Precious
I might check it out... But that place scares me...

Neix J

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Edited June 27, 2004 (diff)
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