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Message Board/Retarded Geek

Edit this page (last edited May 2, 2006)

Problems with our newest member

  I'd like to say that Retarded Geek. Hmm strange name choice, is behaving very irreverently.
He's barely acting better then a flamer. I don't think he's a bad person but he should understand that web forums aren't places to act out your immaturitys, we're real people who get irritated just like everyone else not just some words on a page that say funny things. I'm just asking he take it down a knotch. Go one or two paragraphs without swearing, acting weird, or saying something is "Stupid". Cause I've got to say every time you've critisized something you've been wrong.
  Now I'm sure this is just a bit of n00bish high strungedness god knows I used to be the same way. But I hope you'll be aware of it and not bug everyone.

Wise Wanderer


I will be very opened minded here. Can you please give me an example of where i have stated untrue information? and also, what behavoir have i displayed that is unsuitable?

Retarded Geek

If you are saying that my homepage is incorrect, Those are opinions! and "bs" isn't a swear. And if you are saying that "heroes can't have standerds" is wrong, check the rules for standards. Your examples are the exceptions. None of their flags are normal. Of course, this could be another one of those exceptions. I am just pointing it out. What was with the "bomb my house!" and "sue me!"?

Hey. I think YOU are the one who is being irritating and immature. He was hust making pereftly reasonable statements like new house rules, and you go around talking like they're crap. (you also always point to the rules, which you frequently MIS-quote, but let's not argue that fact.) Why don't you just mind your own business and let him mind his? Maybe SOMEONE will find what he/I write a tiny bit usable, even if you don't!

Bour Bon

Can we please END this discussion now?

Sigh I tried to say that nicely. Okay My Gothmog Profile. Gothmog is a character from the simarillion. You said I made him Up cause I wanted mine to be better. I didn't write bomb my house, someone else did. I made a profile for a basic heroic standard bearer. Clearly this is an expetion to the rules. His banner can be abnormal too. Mabye I overstated things a bit but when you post you can sound a bit rude. Try to be aware of it. I was a little over the top on your new rules because you were a little over the top about my Gothmog

Wise Wanderer

ooops maby the reason I overstated was because some flamer joined on about the same time you did and I thought he was you. Sorry for the mix up. But still your a little high strung. I'm not trying to diss or anything, on less civil forums you would get flamed for a couple of your comments.

Wise Wanderer
Ok, sure. Things are settled. No more negative comments. (I edited that page, Gaming/House Rules/Random Rules To Enhance Gameplay to make it sound less negative towards GW)

Thanks for pointing that out (but please, next time, post it in the comments section!)

Retarded Geek

Wise Wanderer, sorry about the flag thing and gothmog. I didn't write those. I was temporarily sharing my profile with someone else, and they wrote it


hi i dont like him either Pippin

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Edited May 2, 2006 (diff)
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