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Message Board/Serious Problem Why Aint Wiki Reconisning Me

Edit this page (last edited June 8, 2006)

<u style="display: none;">... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... Welcome!!! Links: free ringtones : download ringtones - [ download ringtones] : [nokia ringtones|] - [nokia ringtones|] : : [ring tones] : [| ringtones download] : "samsung ringtones" : free </u>This is seriously weird on Receant Changes i t doent's have Fires Of Mordor it has my IP address. Also it thinks I am a knew user???? I joined he february so what is up???????? Thanks

-Fires Of Mordor

Fires Of Mordor, are you working from the same computer as you were when you signed up? If not then maybe somehow the wiki deleted your name out of the User Preferences and if that happended then you'll need to go and set it again. Hop this helps

-King Of Gondor

Hey im also having problems with wiki reconisning me. When i go to the all users screen my user name is not displayed and also when posting anything on pages it doesnt allow me to sign my name with a link to my page. Does anybody know why this is happening?


Mjkool, your user name on the bottom of your posts doesn't have a link because you don't have a proper Wiki Name ... This means a proper Wiki Name has to hav more than 1 capital letter otherwise you need to put these [Put the page here...]? in. And your page wasn't working becuase you didn't hav category users on it somewhere. But I have fixed that for you. Remember you need to put these in ? when you want your link

-King Of Gondor

Thanx alot for that King Of Gondor

Or Maybe Wiki just doesn't like ya heh heh

Neix J

Yep I am definanytly on the same computer as when i signed up. Used my home PC to sign up and using it now. still not reconising me.... I guess wiki just dosent like me......

-Fires Of Mordor
Wiki uses cookies to retain your username and other options found in the User Preferences page. Cookies are local information stored on your browser until either A) you restart your machine or B) the cookie expires. I believe this wiki's cookies are set to never expire, so unless you aren't storing cookies (a "security" option of the browser) once you set your User Preferences they should retain.

An easy way to determine if the cookie remembers you or not is to look at the side menu. If it says "My User Page" underneath the "Users" menu item, then it sees you have a Wiki Name set in your User Preferences. If it says "New User", then that means your name has been reset and you need to go back into the User Preferences to set it.

-Shnar Gru
Its doing it to me as well.

Same as before, double check the User Preferences that your name is listed. The cookies expire after a certain amount of time (like 30 or 90 days or something), so you may occassionally have to reset the value. This is set by your browser, whether or not to expire cookies (which is a good idea). Again, just look at the side menu, if it doesn't say My User Page, then the cookie has expired and you need to re-enter your username.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited June 8, 2006 (diff)
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