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Message Board/Special Edition Gimli

Edit this page (last edited March 5, 2005)

Special Edition Gimli!

Whil browsing the net I found this picture of the specila edition Gimli that was to be realeasd on the 10th of July or June can't remember anyway enjoy!

-Captain Of Gondor

Disscuss it here



Hey, Iv'v already seen this! It's not that good, the pipe's FAR too big and fat!
Lasta Greyshield
MALE oxxx(::::::::::::::>

It's great pity they don't seem to sell in Britain. Anybody going to Denmark soon could get me one!

The Terrain Dude
Its gunna be available on the 26 and 27 of March at GW stores... and I cant get one T.T

Neix J
Actually only at Australian & New Zealand GW stores.

-Captain Of Gondor

Hey peeps i've read that this model will be relesaed in the Uk as a special model for the new War of The ring campaign thats being run by GW in the summer not sure of the exact details of dates or prices but will let people know asap!

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ
I've heard that too FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ from TLA so it should be accurate

The Terrain Dude
Ohyeah, if its from TLA it MUST be accurate. *rolls eyes*

Neix J

Considering that it came from GW THEMSELVES!! it must be pretty reliable. Here's the actual reply from GW:

Hi there

This model will be available latter this year as part of a special edition release for the summer "War of the Ring" Campaign.

This means that this model will be available for a limited amount of time latter in the year.

So there.

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ

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Edited March 5, 2005 (diff)
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