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Message Board/Support Your Local Gaming Store

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)

Small buissnesses

I'd like to start a topic about support of independent Gaming buissnesses. I peronally love them. Way better then GW at the mall.

Wise Wanderer
I love local gaming stores. The one I go to is named "the whiz" and although it doesn't only sell tabletop games, it has a wide variety of hobby items outside Games Workshop's monopolizing brand name items. The owner here is nice and he knows the customers personally. There are lots of tournaments, although probably not as many as at a large games workshop store.

Bour Bon

Yeah I hate the GW shop in my area. The staff are all jerks. They're also slaves to White Dwarf, they wont say or let you say anything thats even remotely anti GW. Thats why I go to New England Hobby. Its the best.

Wise Wanderer
You live in new england? Where?

Bour Bon
In my area, it's all you have. There aren't any "official" GW stores in Utah. We have one gaming store in each of our two malls, and there are I think 3 gaming/comic stores in normal stores (one in Spanish Fork, one in Provo, and one in Pleasant Grove).

-Shnar Gru
mines gw exeter damn i forgot the 1 in honiton ....buger ungoliant
Is that exeter, like in new Hampshire??

Bour Bon
He's english, like me. Personally I dont like the GW in Exeter. Ungoliant, whereabouts do u live? I am unfortunate enuf to live in newton abbot. i prefere the east of england.

Legolasthe Golden

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