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Message Board/TLAUsers

Edit this page (last edited March 22, 2005)

TLA Users

I've created this message board to get peoples Usernames off TLA so that we can vote for eachothers articles! So start posting away!

-Captain Of Gondor


The Terrain Dude - Username: The Terrain Dude
Ranger of the North - Username: Lorgan, Chief of Easterlings
Captain Of Gondor - Username: Prince Of Ithilien
Citadel Guard - Username: Erech
King Of Gondor - Username: King_Of_Gondor
Shnar Gru - Username: shnar
Lord Aragorn Elessar671 - Username: Lord Aragorn Elessar 671
Eomer - Username: Legolas Prince of Mirkwood
Elrond The Avenger - Username : same
Os Bad - Username: Osbad
Ojno The Red - Username: Ojno The Red
Kaliska - Username: Kaliska


SotS? Review:

Painting Mounted SKoDA?:

Custom Storage Boxes by Shnar Gru:

Removable Tusk Weapons by The Terrain Dude

Natural Looking Bushes by King Of Gondor:

Rocky Watch Points by Citadel Guard:

Snowy Hills by Captain Of Gondor:

Painting Moria Goblins by Captain Of Gondor:

Painting Boromir Cot WT by Captain Of Gondor:

Mirkwood Banner by ETA:

Unarmored Wood Elf Sword & Shield by ETA:

Unarmored Wood Eld Spear & Shield by ETA:

Mirkwood Defensive Tactics by ETA:

“How To Make Wargames Terrain”: A review by Os Bad:

The Muster of Middle-Earth by Os Bad:

Using Paper Scenery by Os Bad:

Making the most of the boxed set ruins by Os Bad:

Product Review: Woodland Scenics Realistic Tree Kit – 6 Trees by Os Bad:

Making a customized carry-case for non-standard sized models by Os Bad:

Osbad vs Quendi by Os Bad:

Fellbeast assembly and painting guide by Os Bad:

Shire in the White Winter by ETA:

Painting the Mighty Haradrim Mahud by King Of Gondor:

Making Modelling Flock by Ojno The Red:

Converting an Orc Captain by Ranger of the North:

Creating Wicker Bases by King Of Gondor:


Can you add an Articles list too, there might be some people who have wrote some articles

-Citadel Guard
I have added mine and Shnar Gru's article onto here with our usernames.

-King Of Gondor
I have added me to that list but currently, I have made 0 articles.

-Ranger of the North
I've made an aricle on making hills for beginners but I'm still waiting for TLA to upload it so I'll tell you when it has been!

-Captain Of Gondor
I'll ask mith for you tonight, what's the article ID?

-King Of Gondor
Don't bother they rejected it! *sobs*

-Captain Of Gondor
It's okay, Just add better pics, or look at yor e-mails because they e-mail you to tell what was wrong with it. My ruins war story and rivers and banks articles were rejected too.

-Citadel Guard
Yah!, My Article Is Up!!!!!!

-Citadel Guard
3 of My Articles Are Up! Don't Forget to Vote!

-Captain Of Gondor
Added myself and my 4 articles

-Elrond The Avenger

Can’t go on TLA. Havn’t got an Email Adress. BOOHOOHOO BOOHOOHOO! Lasta Greyshield
Get a free email address at

-King Of Gondor
Added mine to the list - Rangers need votes too

- Os Bad
lol, it took a while but I voted for all your articles Os Bad.

Speaking of of mine is waiting to be read; can you have a word with Hithero?

-Ranger of the North
Ojno, I voted

-King Of Gondor

Thanks. BTW, I'm progressively voting for everyone else's as I go. All great reading.

-Ojno The Red
Yeah, ROTN, this morning I saw that your article as bumped up too the top of thelist under that name

-King Of Gondor
ROTN, why did you copy my Orc Captain with the sheild thing. I gave mine a sheild so he's look different to yours, but then you just stuck a sheild on yours after I showed you the pic...

-Captain Of Gondor

!!!!!!!!You never even showed me that pic! I just placed a shield on to show that it looks cool with one! And anyways, why is it such a big deal if I had (HYPOTHETICALLY (sp))stolen your idea?

And Ko G, lol I know, I got real lucky that it was bumped so now people can see it for longer!

-Ranger of the North
Actually I did show you the pic but anyway its all a misunderstanding, I'm sorry for accusing you.

-Captain Of Gondor
My Painting Mounted SKoDA? article was just uploaded.

-Captain Of Gondor

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