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Message Board/The Mumaks Maiden Voyage

Edit this page (last edited May 22, 2005)

Mumakil Battle

Last night I played one of the best Lotr games ever. I brought my Mumakil to the hobby shop for its maiden voyage. There was a special Battle of Pelenor Feilds event game happening. I helped organize it and picked the date. My behemoth was a blast I killed over half of my enemy's infantry columb in just one move. In adition to the mumak I had a group of orcs lead by a troll cheiftian and my alie had a group of orcs and goblin's with a cave troll. Our enemy's played Gondor. The four way priority system was lots of fun (although later in the game caused some confusion). It seemed like a battle that favored good but once my Mumakil made his assault the table's turned. A good time was had by all and everyone is looking forward to another big game. I suggest a battle of helm's deep scenario.

Wise Wanderer


Go WW!

Neix J

Does your army have a common theme? just wondering, 'cause you have a troll chieftan, orcs, and a mumukil.

Retarded Geek

Did you see the "Helm's Deep Mega Battle" scenario? It would be soooo cool if you had the actual helm's deep model with the 10,000 + warriors.

I collect all forces. yeah Helms Deep would be awesome. Really Awsome. But it would take so many players. If all the uruk hai players had 200 moddles you'd still need 50 of them, or atleast you'd need to borrow from fifty people. You'd only need about 3-5 Rohan players. and 1 or 2 elf players. So we're looking at a lot of players. This would take a huge board. Still It would be really sweat.

Wise Wanderer
Actually, if you can get five-hindred to one thousand uruuks (preferably high), you can just recycle. That's what is says to do in the scenario info stuff.

Retarded Geek

Oh. Well thats still 5-10 evil players. But that would be fun.

Wise Wanderer

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Edited May 22, 2005 (diff)
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