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Message Board/Theodred Sighting

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)

Theodred Sighting

Hey everyone, I found this on TLA forums.

A bit dissapointing but I still think he looks cool.

-Captain Of Gondor


yeh thats in bgme number 53, it has his stats

-Baruk Khazad

The paint job makes him look like an old guy, oh and he look very similar to EOMER

-King Of Gondor

i wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be a conversion. as the body looks the like it is eomer's body in terms of the armour pattern only painted gold instead of silver and the head looks similar to legolas or reminds me of one currently in use.

I doubt it's a conversion as it isn't BGi ME's style to do conversions and we know there is a BGi ME exclusive Theodred on its way. I do reckon though that they have used Eomer as a base (it is an identical sword too), and tweaked him to produce Theodred. If you freeze frame your TTT EE you will see that Theodred's armour is very similar to Eomer's, so that is fine by me.

-Os Bad

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ
Yeah but I think hes one of those models exclusive to BGi ME

He is but bears an uncanny resmblence to Eomer. Even the comments in the forum in which this is found think its just a conversion.

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ

lol. Looks interesting. My little Bro Amring will love him

-Lasta Greyshield

I agree. looks very much like a eomer conversion.

-Legolas THEarcher

Ah yes, but theyve released a theodred model now havent they?

Legolasthe Golden

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Edited November 6, 2006 (diff)
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