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Message Board/Two User Pages

Edit this page (last edited September 21, 2004)

Hi all wiki users! this is The Terrain Dude i have a problem that i seem to have two user pages. The normal of the two appears when i click on the 'my user page link' but on recent changes i clicked on The Terrain Dude to see what someone had put, everything was gone, so deprecated it as I knew it worked when i click on my user page. I went on all user pages and there is only one so it seems to be alright but does anyone know what happened and just to check that this wont delete my normal page? Any Help?
It might have to do with your browser not refreshing the page. Sometimes when you go to a page and it looks old, hit your refresh button. The new content should load on. Also, don't forget to look at the History page of that page. It may be that some vandale has ruined the page.

If memory serves, you were using two different usernames earlier on, one with underscores and one without. Which one do you wish to continue using? That might be the problem. The page that has data is the one with underscores, the one (improperly) marked for deletion is the one without underscores. It looks like the name in your User Preferences is with Underscores too, so you need to either A) start signing everything with underscores or B) change your name to no underscores.

In other words, The Terrain Dude is the old page you wanted to remove, and The_Terrain_Dude is the new name in your User Preferences.

-Shnar Gru
Thanks. I think ive fixed it. I changed my preferences from The_Terrain_Dude back to normal The Terrain Dude and as you can see the first with underscores wont link to anywhere while the other does. And when i click on my user name anywhere it works properly. so i think its fixed. I already had the edit script of my user page in a word file so i inserted that to The Terrain Dude page.

Thanks The Terrain Dude
Oh no its happened again sometimes my name leads to a blank page, others the proper page1! But im trying to fix it.

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Edited September 21, 2004 (diff)
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