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Message Board/Want To Play Votr

Edit this page (last edited September 28, 2004)


Ive just downloaded Vot R and would like to play against somebody who knows what they are doing. Any takers?

The Terrain Dude

I'd like to verse you sometime. What time should we arrange?

-King Of Gondor
I'll play against you i just left a message in the message composer to just tell you how to make your own game.

I'm Eager for Battle!!!

-Captain Of Gondor
Wow so many users want to battle. The only diffuculty is arranging the time, Kog and coh i think you are both from new zealand and Rotn is from canada. Does anyone know the time diference between our countries, im from Britain. When would be good for you?

The Terrain Dude

Well, actually, COG is from australia so when it is 9:00pm for you, it would be 10:00am for him.
For me, however, when it is 9:00pm for you, it is 8:00am for me. Understand?
ROTN, lives in the USA though so I do not know what time it is for there because I do not know what time zone he is for my computer clock to tell me the time.

-King Of Gondor

I know that australian people or new zealanders (I forgot which one) is 16hrs ahead of me so as I typed this at 4:48 pm sept 23 it is for you guys about 8:48 am sept 24. (btw I am on votr now)


I have VOTR on my old computer (got the one i'm on right now today) so I might be able to have a game some time.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Maybe We Could All Have 1 Big Battle A 2 vs 2!

-Captain Of Gondor

Good idea Captain Of Gondor how about Eomers Rage, cool scenarion, cool troops and 1 each person could control different things like Mordor or Harad.

-The Terrain Dude
Can I play in it? If so, when should we play?


-King Of Gondor
Wow so many replies! How about me, Captain Of Gondor, RangerOfTheNorth? and King Of Gondor could do Eomers rage. Ive just donloaded Pellennor fields extension, but how do you put troops in the Howdah of the mumak? time difference will make organizing hard any ideas what time we should play what do you guys think.

The Terrain Dude
Sadly the models dont yet stay in the howdah as you move it, you could just write who is in it under weapons though. Yes organizing it would be very hard, I am not sure when we could play.

Before We Go Crazy Shouldn't We Be Deciding What Teams We'll Be And How Many Points Will Be Played!

-Captain Of Gondor

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Edited September 28, 2004 (diff)
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