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Message Board/What Do You Think Of Battle Companies

Edit this page (last edited June 6, 2006)

<u style="display: none;">... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... Welcome!!! Links: free ringtones : download ringtones - [ download ringtones] : [nokia ringtones|] - [nokia ringtones|] : : [ring tones] : [| ringtones download] : "samsung ringtones" : free </u>In the past few White Dwarf magazines, they've created new rules for Battle Companies, small bands of soldiers with the capabilities to advance between skirmishes. Was wondering if any of you have had a chance to play with these rules and what you thought of them?

I did 2 scenarios with my son, Uruks and Warriors of Minas Tirith. The fights were easy and quick (done in under 30 minutes), which with a six year old is crucial. And he didn't necessarily understand the advancement stuff at the end, I really liked it.

I did have a couple questions regarding the rules, the biggest being how you do "points". But unless I intend to play a lot more (which is unlikely), I'll let it slide for now.

-Shnar Gru

What? When? What issue? Please say you're talking about US white dwarf and i haven't missed another UK issue? sounds good though.

The Terrain Dude
Good point, I'd forgotten that content is different for the different nations. These were in the two latest White Dwarf issues, something like 294 and 295 (I think those are the issue numbers, don't have them in front of me right now). Most of the Lot R stuff is focused on the Oliphaunts, but this interesting article is squeeze into the middle.

Here's the general concept:
  • Choose a race (issue 294 only only has Minas Tirith and Mordor Orcs, issue 295 has lists for Rohan and Isengard). The number of units is rather small, about 12.
  • Select ONE of them to be a Captain of your squad and he's now considered a Hero and starts with only 1 Fate point, nothing else different from his mates.
  • Choose a scenario, there are 5, 3 in 294 and 2 in 295, and play it (you're opponent has to select an opposite group to play with, there are no "forces" in the scenario to play with).
  • Record which units GAVE wounds.
  • At the end of the scenario, roll for each wounded Warrior and Hero to see if they died or were just wounded. Heroes rarely die (1 in 12 chance) but receive interesting, sometimes permanent wounds (like one arm is broken, can't use left arm next battle, or you receive a scar, etc). Warriors are basically either dead (1 in 6 chance), wounded and miss fight, or return at full health.
  • After that, you roll for Experience. For each Wound the model GAVE, you have a chance of improving. Warriors CAN advance in rank to Heroes, though it's rather difficult (roll 1D6 + Wounds gave, if you get over 7, you advance). Heroes though advance every 4 or so wounds. Their advancement involves increases to stats. Increases to Attacks, Str, Might, Fate, etc.
  • Lastly, enhance your squad. You get 1D for playing, +1D if you tied, or +2D for winning the scenario. These "dice" are used to get new units for your squad, or to get better weapons/equipment.

It's a novel idea, squads that improve. You become a bit personal to them too, especially if you name the models. When someone dies, you really care about them. And another cool thing is that the "advancement" tables for each race are different. Isengard improves differently than Minas Tirith, etc.

I like the idea and was wondering what other people's experiences were with the system. My biggest problem is there's no easy way to track information. I'm thinking this would be a great place for the Gaming/Game Aids/Gaming Cards. You could have a card for EACH unit in your squad and record their progress individually, name them, etc. Since for the most part there's less than 20 units, you would have an easy time managing a deck.

Anyways, check them out and lemme know what you think...

-Shnar Gru

its in the latest white dwarf in britain, i saw it yesterday at GW.

-Baruk Khazad

So its in white dwarf 297 in the UK. In 295 in the next issue in said it was in 296 and so did hithero. Make up your mind games workshop!

-The Terrain Dude

we have dol amroth and haradrim companies aswell (British version)

-Baruk Khazad
Yeah, that came out in our latest Games Workshop too

-Shnar Gru
I just started getting white dwarf so will these rules be sent out again in the newer issues? ps I am gettin a promo wahammer 40k model with it lol!!

I Just Got Issue 397 Today & It Has the Rules For Battle Companies (It Said That Som of the Rules Will AlterAnd? New Rules Will Also Be Added). Anyways I Think It Looks Really Fun & I Can't Wait to Vs My Little Brother with His Mordor Orcs!

-Captain Of Gondor
*Wishes he could still afford WD*

Neix J
Found the rules for Battle Companies online on the Spanish GW Website. A translated copy starts here:

-Shnar Gru
It took a long time but I found a site that translates much better than google's put the whole site in there and it will translate it very well. To bad the spanish site doesnt have Minas Tirith and Mordor hero advancement tables though.


P.S. If you need any help on those cards just ask! It does get very annoying writing down everything on paper.
Cards would be good but Im thinking about making a spreadsheet as you can easily change it.

The Terrain Dude
Have you seen Osbad's spreadsheets? They're very handy and useful if you're doing points-matched games. I think the cards would be the most useful in a Battle Companies game, since each individual unit would have a matching card. The cards would almost be like character sheets of a table-top RPG. Each would have a name, potential "advancement" check-offs, wounds, etc. These cards would be tailored specifically for the different races, and help to identify each individual unit in a company. Give me some time and I think I'll come up with a Minas Tirith prototype this week...

-Shnar Gru

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