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Message Board/Which Army Should ITake

Edit this page (last edited November 4, 2006)

Message Board
I've got a question,i decided to staty the hobby a while ago and i bought a box of Warriors of the Last Alliance. Now i've chosen to collect the elces but the box also contains men of gondor, can is use them to in my army when i battle people? i know it's a stupid question but i'm just a beginner so... say what u want,it will help i'm sure^^
I think it depends on how you want to play the game. If you like the war-gaming aspect, then you'll look for a "themed" army that suites your style of play. I personally really like the Armored Wood Elves for good, and probably Uruk-hai for evil, though I admit I haven't played much from the Return of the King armies.

If, however, you intend to play out the scenarios (which I think is much more enjoyable), then you will want to pick up the miniatures that match the specific scenarios you want to play. I love the Fellowship scenarios, so I'd pick up a box set of them, or perhaps the new game-set that's coming out with the Fellowship as plastic miniatures (will be cheaper). Then you'll need orcs (the small "goblin" variants), wood elves, some Uruk's, etc.

-Shnar Gru

P.S. I renamed your page and put it in our Message Board system. Fits better than just at the root of the Wiki.

The med of gondor in the box are to allow you to play with a last Alliance army, which is why the box is labelled 'Warriors of the Last Alliance'. If you like that theme, then go along with it. If you just want to collect high elves, then it's too bad; you can't buy them in plastic seperately from the men of gondor. Unfortunately...

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