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Message Board/Which Category Linkings Do You Prefer

Edit this page (last edited April 13, 2004)

In case you didn't know, Open Wiki has a Category Category topic that links all categories. The idea is that you create a page with the word "category" at the beginning, then any page you wish to belong to that category, you include that name somewhere on the page. Typically, this has just been at the bottom of a page.

My question is what do you prefer in how Categories are displayed on a page? At the bottom? At the top? In a table? With dbl-arrows before it? etc.

Here's a list of some pages that visually show how Categories have been implemented thus far:

I'm leaning towards the dbl-arrow, in a table look. I don't think I like it at the bottom, since it's too easy to get confused w/other people's comments. At the top, it's usually left alone. Plus, it "bleeds" nicely into the Recently Visited links (as long as you have yours on the top, that is. You can set that in the User Preferences).

So, what's your preference? And why?

-Shnar Gru

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Edited April 13, 2004 (diff)
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