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Message Board/White Dwarf300

Edit this page (last edited December 17, 2004)

White Dwarf 300

Does anyone know what comes free with WD 300 or what's in it?

The Terrain Dude
There's a free mini with white dwarf?!?! I AM SO GETTING IT!!! Does it cost more than the original price? And is th mini a limited edition?

-Captain Of Gondor
In UK white dwarf I just found a bit saying that you get:
-A card referance sheet for Warhammer. (useless for me)
-A double sided poster, of thw white dwarf himself and on the back a complete map of the warhammer world. (again completely useless for me)
-Another poster again not Lot R! (completely useless!)

In the next weeks issue preview Below what I presume is a white dwarf model it says quote.'"By Valaya's golden moustaches, I'm 300!" This limited edition model will be available from next month!'

As for Lot r we relive the charge of the Rohirrim in our massive battle report. We examine the clans of Harad. The third scenario in a mini campaign.

There have been rumours about a connection with The Last Alliance in this 300th birthday issue, the only connection I can see is if they have the leaders do the battle report for Rohirrim or something like that but I dought it.

Kane from TLA knows but he won't tell us.

It's also 208 pages long in UK! So thats a lot more lotr than in the usual 130 pages. Maybe there will be something..

Anybody got any ideas?

The Terrain Dude

Oh, yeah, by the way Osbad's Ro R army (48!) is going to be in 299 (or it might be in 300) (he told me that) maybe they are going to like have an advertisment in there and showing their army or something, I dunno.

-King Of Gondor
And don't forget that the numbers vary from US and UK (the US one is one number behind the UK one), and I'm not sure what other nation's WD's are at...

-Shnar Gru
Here's a link that states exactly what's in white dwarf 300:

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ

Hope you all (those of you able to get the UK edition) enjoyed the Pelennor Fields Battle Report. Only some of my Ro R made it in there, but my Ko MT and RRG had an outing too, so I was pretty chuffed!

Os Bad
Man I've got to go get it! I've been so busy at this new contract (60+hr/week) and Christmas and all that I haven't been to my hobby shop in over a month! I'll make an effort to pick it up today...

-Shnar Gru

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Edited December 17, 2004 (diff)
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