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Message Board/Who Is The Psycho Who Keeps Changing Everything Into CHEESE

Edit this page (last edited December 1, 2004)

Even in the front page "Welcome to the Lord of the Cheese" then on conversions "mounted on a cheese" then on the news "an excellent article on the fine art of grating Cheese" and "wow lots of CHEESE today" there are palces where you can be healed, you Know?

-Mighty Mushroom
That's the power of wiki, for good or bad anyone and everyone can change anything. Fortunately, since there's a History for each page, it's very easy to fix bad changes. Here's how:
  • Click on the "View other revisions" link at the bottom of the change
  • Find the revision that you want to revert back to and click on the "View" link (not the "Diff" link)
  • Once it's up, doubleclick to edit the page
  • Don't edit anything, just save the page, and that revision now becomes the current version.

So it's quite simple to undo stoopid people's changes. I'm surprised the changes aren't as bad as they could be, just moronic humor as opposed to outright vandale. I'm also surprised that some people haven't tried "disguising" themselves by putting in one of our usernames into their user perferences. But Wiki will work, as I think it has, allowing some of us to put up some good articles/galleries/etc.

FYI, check out these articles on the original Wiki site that explain why people usually don't bother damaging Wiki sites. In a nutshell, most vandales are just too lazy. They'll do it once or twice, then just never come back. We can easily fix those and then go on our merry way.

If it gets too bad, I'll look at implementing a username/password system that will require you to log in with your password (so they can't impersenate us), and then I'll even implement a way to block specific users and/or IP addresses.

-Shnar Gru

Shnar Gru some of the stuff on the front page tonight was terrible and just rude. i.e welcome to this s*** site, etc.

Fires Of Mordor
Yes, we occassionally get vandalized. It usually happens in one of two fashions:

A) A new person sees the site, sees they can edit anything, has a go at editing one or two pages with nothing useful, has an immature laugh and leaves, almost never to return.

B) A vandale comes and tries to ruin as many pages as they can, and keep returning, ruining whatever they can.

It appears we have the latter happening. Usually, most vandales don't have the patience to keep returning, they do it once, think it's funny and leave. We, as good members of our community, cleanup their edits and life goes on. Just like what you did to our front page, just view a historical entry, dbl-click to edit, and just save. It's rather easy to do in fact (thanks, btw).

However, occassionaly one user is so annoying that I end up figuring out their IP address and ban them from the site completely. I'm probably going to have to do the same to this newest vandale, as he's done a lot of changes in the past couple days.

-Shnar Gru
I've removed the "egg" comments. I'd love to have a constructive conversation with you about wiki, but if you're just going to be immature about the whole thing, then just leave us alone. Why on earth would you care if we play our Lot R game or not, is beyond me...

-Shnar Gru

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Edited December 1, 2004 (diff)
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