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LotR Wiki

Might Of Gondor

Edit this page (last edited November 11, 2004)

hi i joined on about the 6th of June. i think this site is great.

my army

  • gandalf the white
  • aragorn
  • 8 riders of rohan
  • 13 minas tirith warriors with spears
  • 10 minas tirith warriors with swords
  • 14 minas tirith warriors with bows
  • 6 elves with bows
  • 7 elven blades
  • 7 men of rohan

Wins-5 Loses-1 draws-2


-Mightof Gondor

Hi back, and welcome -The Precious

I've taken the liberty of renaming your page, removing the Underscore. Wiki works better when names are just one word with multiple capitals, instead of underscores. Please update your User Preferences to reflect this as well.

But welcome aboard

-Shnar Gru
Welcome , Nice army. I think I might make an army list for myself when I finally get the Rot K starter set in 3 weeks... Well, great to see new members. Geez, I say that every time. Sounds like a cliche now doesn't it? Gotta think of a new welcoming message, gotta think of a new welcoming message...

Neix J

Welcome aboard your army looks nice but have you tried knights of minas tirith? they can help you breaking enemy lines. I had`t been here for quite a while and when I saw the users page I got really impressed this site is evolving really quickly (probably because itīs so good)

-Mighty Mushroom

no i haven't tried knights but i am getting some

-Mightof Gondor

Nice army, but try to get some more heroes they really help in the fight phase!! PS Gandalf the white or grey ? Saruman
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Edited November 11, 2004 (diff)
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