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LotR Wiki

Mighty Mushroom

Edit this page (last edited August 9, 2004)

All shall perish beneath the strength of the Mighty Mushroom!


My Gondorian Army

24 Womt

12 Warriors of Gondor

5 Ko MT

1 Ko MT w/banner


My Rohan Army

30 Wo R

12 Ro R

1 Captain of Rohan

Gamling on Horseback w/ banner

Theoden on horseback

My Isenguard Army

20 Uruks w/ Pikes

20 Uruks w/ S&S

2 Uruks w/ Banners

1 Uruk captain w/ S&S

2 Warg Riders

Sharku w/ Shield

(If I get a good camera I'll take pics of my armies and some terrain)


Use these links to create your galleries.
  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?


Welcome. Now, are you and DevilStriker? the same? 'Cause it looked like DevilStriker? first created the above article, though on a misnamed page, and then perhaps you moved it to the new page? But removed Striker's name?

-Shnar Gru
yes we are... sorry first Wiki page I ever used. Fell free to erase it!
 Nice Custum Boxes article!
-Mighty Mushroom (former DevilStriker?)
No worries, I imagine that this will be the first Wiki site for all our users. I'll let you remove the DevilStriker? page though, just put #DEPRECATED at the top of the page and it will be auto-removed on the next purging. Welcome aboard, love the work you're doing :).

-Shnar Gru

P.S. Set your User name into the User Preferences so that when you make a change it lists Mighty Mushroom instead of your IP Address.
Deprecated pages have been removed (i.e. so has DevilStriker?). -Shnar Gru
Hey, do you have MSN?


 Nope and since my mail is stuck with spam and donīt use him too
 -Mighty Mushroom

Here are your banners:


Thx alot

-Mighty Mushroom

Neix J
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Edited August 9, 2004 (diff)
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