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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Better Goblin Conversion

Edit this page (last edited May 22, 2005)

Another conversion to make a captain:

This is a good, origional way to make a Moria Goblin Captain.

  • Take a moria goblin drummer, the one with its hands raised high in the air.

  • Bend the right arm (right from looking directly at it) down and out like a karate block.

  • Cut off the right drumstick and trim the ball off the top of the left drumstick.

  • Squeeze the left drumstick with pliers or something so that it becomes thinner and flatter and more like a sword. (or you can attach a plastic goblin sword.)

  • Glue a shield (either homemade or from another model) onto the right arm.

This goblin captain looks like one of the metal goblins they sold (but which are no longer sold.) And it's just more awesomer! (jk) Do it yourself, it's easy!

Here's the conversion (done by someone else):

Here's the conversion done all too skillfully by me:

Bour Bon


Good, but more lighting on the pic would make it look better. Also, distance could help.

Retarded Geek

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Edited May 22, 2005 (diff)
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