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Miniatures/Conversions/Conversion Competition

Edit this page (last edited February 22, 2005)

Conversion Competiton

I, Captain Of Gondor am pleased to announce the opening of the Conversion Competiton! It will run the same way as the painting comp except that it doesent matter if your a fantastic painter or terrible painter, it's how you convert the mini that counts! Every 14th day of the month you are free to post your converted minis until the 1st of the next month when the painting comp will start. This competiton will also be decided by Osbad.


./King Of Gondor
./Neix J
./Baruk Khazad


Oh hoo, dont think youll be the only one who enters and win Cap'n, youve got competition >.<

Neix J
Ooo I'm really scared! *~* LOL

-Captain Of Gondor
Pretty soon i'm entering my warrior of the dead archer, wach out!

-Citadel Guard
And so you should be!

Neix J

-Captain Of Gondor
Yes, Eep Indeed.

Neix J

isnt someone supposed to be judging this??

-Baruk Khazad
Yes I will get Osbad to judge it when I next see him!

-Captain Of Gondor

OK, here we go....

In my not so humble opinion ....

Starting with 3rd place, we have:

The Dunedain from Neix J

In 2nd place, we have ....

Eomer from Captain Of Gondor

and in 1st, we have:

King Of Gondor with his spikey elephant!

Cheers Paul

Os Bad

Ive got a good feeling about this month!

Neix J

hey how can I enter. I have a good conversion but how do I make a page P.S I am new

You just type ./Hasharin then click on the question mark at the end of your name and put a pic. You can't upload them directly to Wiki so to save bandwidth, go to a site like, click browse then upload your pic there. Then you take the link (without the html or forum stuff) and copy paste it on the new page you just created.

P.S. If you want more detailed instructions, just ask! -Ranger of the North
I have Enterd my Model Your not the only 3 here that do conversions

Really? Fascinating.

Hope this gets judged soon!

Neix J
Isnt this suposed to have been judged

We've moved to

-Captain Of Gondor
?? No, we just made a website. We still have this one, I just havent seen Osbad lately.

-King Of Gondor
This reelly needs to be juged soon

Ive got to agree.

Neix J
Look I want to see who wins so Im going to ask Shnar Gru to judge if it isnt juged by wed


Fair enough

-Baruk Khazad
I sent an email to Osbad, with no reply so far... but yeah.

Neix J

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Edited February 22, 2005 (diff)
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