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Miniatures/Conversions/Ent Army

Edit this page (last edited February 7, 2006)

Category Articles
  • Introduction
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  • The Body
  • The face
  • The Base
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  • Introduction

    Most people here have seen the two towers that there is an entire army of ents.
    The only ent available is Treebeard. This article shows you how to make your very own ent army.


    • Garden wire
    • PVA Glue
    • Masking Tape
    • Foliage
    • Thickcard
    • scissors
    • super glue
    • paintbrushes
    • variety of paints
    • flock or static grass
    • Plasticeine

    The Body

    To make ents you'll use similar techniques as trees. First you must make the body out of garden wire by wrapping the garden wire to make the arms,legs,body and back of the head.

    You should try to make different types of ents (small big skinny fat lots of branches or baley any) becuase no ents the same. Once thats done wrap masking tape over the entier model this will give it a bark effect.

    The face

    use some plasticeine to make a face and shape it the way you wish. once it's dry cover it in PVA glue this will make it really hard.

    The Base

    To make the base cut out some cardboard to a rough circle and use super glue to glue the ent on then cover the edges of the card with masking tape.


    First under coat the model with ethier chaos black mixed with some water or the spay. then cover the ent with any tree sort of colours (your choice).


    to do the beard and leaves use some foliage on with PVA glue.

    So thats how you make Ents. Pictures coming soon. Look in House Rules for thier Details. By Goblin Master


    Add any comments here. Thanks
    Interesting, I'd love to see more details (like on the painting section) as well as some photos. Keep it up

    -Shnar Gru

    Iwould too, sounds good though.

    -King Of Gondor

    I've done something like this. But instead of using garden wire I used paper towels wrapped in a a flimsyer wire and instead of masking tape I used moddeling puddy. I've made two ents like this so far one oak and one willow. You can get the rules for ents and different kinds of ents from a games workshop magazine.

    Wise Wanderer

    You can use any thing you want and i apologize for the bad painting guide.

    Goblin Master

    One word .....PHOTOS. Those Ents SOUND REAL COOL.

    Crazy Canuck

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    Edited February 7, 2006 (diff)
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