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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Forces Of Sauron

Edit this page (last edited January 3, 2005)

Forces Of Sauron

This is a conversion guide which allows you to create a unique army of Sauron and definitely have the coolest looking army of Mordor. From spiky shields to cool stances, your army will have it all!

  • Forces Of Sauron
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Preparing the Witch King
  • The sword
  • The orcs
  • Orc Examples
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    Have you noticed that in Rot K, the Witch King carries a mace AND a sword? Well the model doesn't! Enough of that nonsense, I'm here to put things straight! Firstly, I'll be making a COOL Witch King, then I'll help you guys make some cool orcs! If you want to paint your guys with my help, I may do a Forces Of Sauron Paint Guide - look out for it! (Although I'm not much of an Orc painter. I collect forces of Gondor!)

    Materials List

    • Witch King (Rot K)
    • Orc sprue
    • Knife/clippers
    • Glue
    • Dark Eldar sprue
    • files
    • Imagination!!!

    Preparing the Witch King

    Firstly, take your Witch King model and clip of any annoying, bits sticking out. Then file any mold lines or parts of the model which have gone a bit wrong! DO NOT glue any of the pieces together yet - all in due time, eh!?

    The sword

    Carefully, clip off the Witch King's mace hand without damaging the actual mace as you'll need that soon. File the stump carefully, but don't go down too far. You should have some sort of right hand sword. By far the best is the twilight ringwraith's - the one with the rounded helmet. That is what I used. The hand may be a little dodgy after the clipping, so make sure the wrist is flat.

    Now for the task of sticking the sword on. You should stick the model to the base first. You might want to use pinning but I didn't. Just stick the sword on at a slight angle - make sure it looks natural. Next, file down the hand on the mace handle until it is all level. To get a better look on your model, file down the hand on the unattached left arm, so that it is thinner. This way, you can't curl it around so that it will look like a proper grip. When sticking on the mace, bend the chain so that the large end can sit on the base. This should be relatively easy. Then stick the arm to the body and the mace handle to the hand. You're left with a brilliantly clever model (if I do say so myself!).

    The orcs

    The Orcs come next. There are tons of different things you can do with a dark eldar sprue and an orc sprue. The little spikes can be stuck on almost anywhere and make great horns. Another great way of using them is to make weapons look more formidable. A couple of spikes extra on a spear can go a long way! Here are few ideas and examples - you don't have to follow these!

    Orc Examples

    The orc that holds a two handed axe can be easily changed. Clip the bottom half of the axe from the hand creating a one handed weapon. Stick the other arm slightly lower down than usual and stick a screw cap carefully on for an shield.

    Note: any orc, especially the helmeted orc bowman, can have horns by cutting two of the large spikes (from the dark eldar sprue) in two and attach them to either side of the helmet.The orc with a plain, square shield can look very intimidating. Stick four, six or eight pairs of the large spikes onto his shield. Make sure they stick downwards for the utmost effect - they can be likened to teeth!

    One of the orc spear men who are running can be changed - well change their stance anyway! If you cut the spear from the right hand (this will of course shorten the spear a little) and file it down to normal size, the spear arm can be stuck on so that the spear points skywards, and the other arm can look like its punching the air!


    Well I hope you enjoyed reading/using my guide as much as I did writing it. It's a great, simple (not to mention cheap) way of creating a formidable force. I'm sure everyone will agree that the sword AND mace will look cooler than the original. I may do a paint guide for these models - look out for it in the future. Thanks for reading, even if you don't plan on using it!


    Leave your comments here
    Interesting idea, mixing-n-matching from Warhammer. If you get any pictures up, I'd love to see them.

    -Shnar Gru
    nice guide

    -Fires Of Mordor
    Another thing you can do with Two handed weapon weilding orcs is make some pretty nifty captains. simply take an ax men file off the hand stuck on the ax and reposition at an interseting angle. then You can take a weapon from another orc ant put it on the remaining hand. Then paint add a few red eyes and your done. Another thing you can do(that I wish I had done) is add a sheild on the back so the orc captain can still get the defence bonus.

    Wise Wanderer
    Good idea- i have made a captain by taking the uruk hai beserker with the torch, cut the torch of and put a head in its place. Just add some horns and a more ferocious looking weapon and walla! Keep ur comments coming in!!!

    -Twitch Of Gondor

    Cool sounds like more of a shaman though.

    Wise Wanderer
    Great work Twitch Of Gondor. I can wait to try out the Witch-King one, Think it will look cool.

    Neix J
    Sounds cool! The Terrain Dude

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