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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Goblin Scout Captain

Edit this page (last edited June 3, 2005)

Goblin Captain

This is a captain conversion that looks wicked cool when done right.

Here's what you need
    • Plastic moria goblin archer who has just released an arrow (open handed)
    • Toothpick
    • Plactic sprues (if you're cheap like me) or another goblin model willing to be sacrificed
    • Plastic Glue
    • Sharp knife

  • First, fashion a spear for your goblin "scout" captain. Shave down your toothpick with the knife until its about as long and wide as a normal moria spear. Then, take your sprues and fashion a spearhead of a suitable size. Or you can clip one from another goblin. Glue this to the end of the toothpick (I reccommend elmers glue) and let that sit until fullly dried.

  • Take your knife and cut off the arm of the goblin that has released the arrow. Cut it off straight down the middle right after the arm comes out of the robes. Then, rotate this arm so that it's more parallel to the ground. This arm will hold the spear so think about that while you position that. Then glue it with plasics glue.

  • Cut off the bottom half of the bow completely. Then, cut off all of the top half of the bow except for a sliver about the height of a finger. If it's done correctly, you should have a pointing hand. I did this accidentally but it looks sweet. Then take another small piece of sprue and put it in the middle of the two bow segments and glue those three pieces together to make a complete bow.

  • Once the arm and the spear are done drying, glue them together. Put the hand about haldway up the spear with the tip in the air. It should look like the goblin is hoisting its spear in the air and should look natural. Then, glue the bow to the goblin's back (but I reccommend not doing this until you paint it all; painting under the bow will be hard.

This conversion looks really cool; it looks like a scout is leading his men into battle. I reccommend it. It is simple.

Bour Bon, goblin king


What about pics?

Retarded Geek
Here you go, RetardedGeek

just kidding

Bour Bon

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Edited June 3, 2005 (diff)
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