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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Gondor Orc Conversion

Edit this page (last edited May 20, 2006)

Black Gobbo, ahem...

First get a gondarion and any orc,cut the arms of each figure(don't cut the little bit of armour on the shoulders off) and then cut the head off and finnaly cut the starting of the top bit of the armour off.Glue the gondarian armour to the orc and then stick the orc arms on and then the head and then paint it. Yeah great....

Nice idea, it would give some variety to an Orc force -Mighty Mushroom
I will have some pics of it up soon -lyle

Very good idea holmes I'm new here

cool but don't use these for ordinary orcs use it for Moronon.
This is on the gamesworkshop web page. You just copyed it.

-The Converter

Not a very good article because first of all it has no pics and you obviously didnt write it.

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Edited May 20, 2006 (diff)
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