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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Haldir Spearman

Edit this page (last edited May 10, 2004)

Haldir Spearmen

Need spearmen for your woodelf army? You must convert!

  • Haldir Spearmen
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Choose Your Model
  • Remove The Bow
  • Remove The Right Arm
  • Shave Off The Arrows
  • Add Spear
  • Attach Shield Arm
  • Create and Attach Shield
  • Dry & Touchups
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    Even though the rules allow Woodelf Warriors to have spearmen, with the new WYSIWYG rules, if you wish to include spears in your Woodelf army, you'll need to convert them. Shields too, while you're at it. This article shows one way to convert a woodelf into a spearman.

    Materials List

    • Woodelf Model of your choice (see the next section)
    • Modelling Saw
    • Hobby Knife
    • Super Glue

    Choose Your Model

    There are a lot of different possibilities for created a woodelf with a spear, armored vs. unarmored, shielded or not, right or left handed (or even two-handed). Decide on the basics, then choose your base model that best suits your needs. Use the "Haldir Elf" models if you’re going for armored elves, and the "Lorien Elf Bowmen" for unarmored.

    Note: Elrond The Avenger has written an excellent article on how to convert a Lorien Elf Bowman into a spearman. See Miniatures/Conversions/LorienWarriors? for more details.

    Since all of my spearmen are going to be in the heat of battle, they needed to be armored and shielded. That meant using the TTT Haldir Elf models. I chose the bowman who’s reloading his shot, as that would make an easier conversion. Having a shield also helps hide some of the details in the converted right-arm.

    You can see in this front shot that all you have to do here is remove the bow, add a spear, then reposition the arm to hold a shield.

    Remove The Bow

    First, cut the bow off from the model’s left hand.. Using the Modeling Saw, this is pretty easy and straight-forward. You may want to keep the top part of the bow in your spare-parts box, as it could be used on a different conversion later.

    You also need to remove the bow from the back of the model. Using your exacto-knife, just cut away. You can take large chunks out at first, but eventually you’ll need to make the remaining bits flow with the rest of the cloak.

    Remove The Right Arm

    The line shows where to cut the arm off. I kept the cut above the shoulder armor piece, so that it would remain when replacing the arm.

    Shave Off The Arrows

    Do your last bit of "shaving" before applying any new parts to the model, allows you to go to town without worrying about messing up additions. The last bit to shave off is the remaining arrows sticking out of the bowman’s back. Make the back fit with the grooves of the cloak, and you can also add some hairlines.

    Add Spear

    I used the tip of a High Elf sword for the tip of the spear. Using a small ball of Green Stuff, I attached the tip to a small piece of thick wire. This was then attached to the left-hand of the model. Another piece was super-glued onto the back, from the hand to the base of the model (was easier to super glue than to apply green-stuff.

    Attach Shield Arm

    Using a small ball of Green Stuff, reattach the right-arm sticking so it’s slightly in, ready to hold his shield.

    Create and Attach Shield

    Green Stuff again, I took a small bit of it and pressed out on a flat surface the general shape of my shield. I then used the model-knife to make the corner indents. Don’t forget to use lots of water, both on your knife and on the surface you’re shaping it on! Otherwise they’ll stick too much and you won’t be able to put it on your model. Then, take that shield and "squeeze" it onto the right arm of the model, being careful not to bump the already placed spear.

    Dry & Touchups

    Let it sit overnight to dry, and then you may need to shave a few pieces of the greenstuff away here and there to make everything flow nicely. Typically around the small balls that were used to "glue" the spears together.


    Here is a shot of my model at the end of the conversion.

    Not too shabby considering this is my very first conversion, ever.

    - Shnar Gru


    First conversion, ever?? I'm impressed.

    -Elrond The Avenger

    Yeaup, of every model I've ever painted (I'm 30 now and while mini-tabletop wargaming I only started with Lot R, I've played BloodBowl? and Space Hulk from when they first came out in the 80'ies) I've never needed to convert any. Probably what I should do is paint it. Maybe that will sell the article better on TLA

    Biggest problem with this conversion is the time and work needed. WAY too much time to scrape that bow off the back. Plus you end up using two mini's (the HighElf? sword is the Spear Tip). Have you seen Hithero's conversion? I like it a lot since A) looks faster and B) just uses one model. I need a bunch of these for my Wood Elf army (I field about 20 spearmen and 20 bowmen, using TLA's 50% archers for woodelves rule. Wouldn't work for a tourny, but is devestating for a TLA Campaign battle). Once I do one of those, I'll create a new article based on his.

    -Shnar Gru

    My wood elf sword and shield burns two as well. I field groups as in the pic below, I put shields insted of armor because i like lorien elves better than haldirs.

    the trees on the shields look pretty bad, but hey. Ill fix them sometime

    This is really impressive- unfortunately I wont use it (elves are not my thing) I may copy your ideas on different models though. Well Done

    -Twitch Of Gondor
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    Did you use a coping saw.

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