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Edit this page (last edited September 27, 2005)

This is an easy(ish) way to make a few extras to give your army of harad some flava. If your like me and got bgime before but then stopped (like me) to build your own army (like me) then you will have a heap of models usless to you. So onto the coversion board they went and i will now show you a few ways to go.


all your normal craft stuff any haradrim king theoden (the one where he is holding up his sword) 2spear two pike heads a spear head a curved blade( home made, elven blade, orc or easterling scimitar) a round sheild a haradrim bow

Step One

Cut the haradrim in half just below his armour keep both parts. Do the same to theoden. Then remove theodens sword and his scabbard keep the hands for both of the but remove the gaurd of the sword. Glue theodens body to the legs of the haradrim.(remove theodens head first

Step Two

Remover the harradrims head and glue it to theodens body easy.(like cheesy peas).Attach the blade to his hand and make a hilt to your own deseign out of green stuff.cut the spear and put one half of the shaft on one side of his and and the other on the other at an angle so it will look natural.

Step Three

Take the other spear and glue it to his back at an angle along with is bow above it and a the shield over the top of both of them. Make some straps out of green stuff to hold them on. Next take the two pike heads and glue them in a V shape behing his head put the spear head facing straight up make theese look asthough they are tied together with rope.

Paint!!!!!!!!! Viola!(i can spell it right not like wooola) you have a nice harradrim cheiftien to lead your forces of harrad

Could i E-mail the pics to some one so they can put it up HaradWarstudier?

Yep send me an email at

- Captain Of Gondor

How do like the article? checked out my other one harad collecting i accidently put it with tactics.
There. I fixed your titles. Nice article, too! I like haradrim, too.

Retarded Geek
Thnx im half way to buying a mumuk and im getting a heap load of heros in August
You muppet if your gonna go round sayin that your amazin coz you can spell voila right atleast spell Harad properly.

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Edited September 27, 2005 (diff)
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