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Miniatures/Conversions/High Elf Captain

Edit this page (last edited July 24, 2006)

Category Articles

High Elf Captain

This article will explain how I made a cool looking high elf captain.

  • High Elf Captain
  • Materials List
  • Remove The Bow
  • The Blade
  • Remove Right Hand
  • All Captains Have A Shield
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Materials List

    What you will need :
    • A high elf bowman
    • a high elf shield
    • a spare blade
    • a spear
    • superglue
    • scisors or pliers

    Insert a picture of required materials

    Remove The Bow

    First take a high elf bowman, preferably the one whose hand is lifted (who has just shot his arrow). Carefully snip off his bow on either side of the hand. Keep the parts.

    Show an image of the bowman w/out bow

    The Blade

    Take a blade from an orc (I used the mordor orc with the square shield, or you may sacrafice another plastic swordman's blade) and stick that to the top of the hand. Cut off a small (1-2mm) piece of a Warrior of Minas Tirith's spear and stick that to the bottom of the high elf's hand. He is now holding a blade with a similar pose to Haldir. Cut off another piece (1mm) from another spear, and glue both ends of the bow ( that was cut off in the last stage) to it. The slightly thinner diameter of ther spear part will make it look like the place where you actually hold the bow. One thats dry , glue it to the back of the high elf.

    We need a few pictures here. I'm kinda confused as to what to do here

    Remove Right Hand

    Now carefully cut off the right hand and trim away some of the arrow-feathers. Cut of the blade hand ( the one made in the last step) and stick it where you just cut off the right hand from. try to pose it dynamicaly. take the spare hand and glue it to the stump (where the blade hand used to be).

    Again, more images. Are we gluing the bow to one hand, then cutting it off?

    All Captains Have A Shield

    Now take a high elf shield and glue it to the out stretched arm ( his left arm) (if you dont have a high elf shield, try making your own. I made mine with an old uruk hai shield, some plastic and some imagination). there you go ! youve just finished youre high elf captain. I recommend painting his cape a different colour like red or something .


    This guy I think is pretty good as a cheap captain . It works out that he is worth 70points. Although he doesn;t get a +1Defence point because he has a bow, he does get the advantage of sheilding.

    I'll try to get some pics up ASAP

    (sorry if ive done simething wrong)



    Leave your comments here
    It`s a bit hard to understand what you`ve done without a pic. Can`t you post one?

    -Mighty Mushroom
    I've taken the liberty to reformat the article to make it similar to our other articles.

    I agree with Mighty Mushroom, I like where you're going with this but it's difficult to visualize it. We need pictures! I've added italisized comments where I think good images would go. Modify as you feel fit.

    -Shnar Gru
    sounds great BUT he is not worth 70 points

    -Mr Mclukus

    I cleaned out the vandalism

    Wise Wanderer

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    Edited July 24, 2006 (diff)
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