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Miniatures/Conversions/High Elf Captain Conversion

Edit this page (last edited October 28, 2006)

High Elf Captain

I collect elves and after messing around with two broken high elves I made a Captain.

  • High Elf Captain
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Preperation
  • Positioning
  • Assembaling
  • Quick Ideas
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    If you want a captain or just a different looking elve thats urging his team mates forword then this is the conversion for you.

    Materials List

    • A high elf swords man
    • A high elf archer
    • Clippers
    • Glue


    Take the swords man and remove his sword. Get the archer and remove his bow Keep these parts.


    Cut the head off the archer just at the neck and turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Then glue it back on.


    Glue the sword in the hand were the bow used to be and then glue the bow on the archers back next to his quiver.

    Quick Ideas

    If you want this modal to be a captain I suggest painting his cape a dark red and highlighting it with a lighter red but keep his inner robes blue. Another idea is to paint his mouth open to make it look like he's shouting out to move forward


    I hope you use this article and create an unstopable Elven army.

    -The Converter & AnimalWizard?


    Please Tell me what you think and dont ask about pictures as I dont have a digital camera.
    There is no such thing as an unstoppable elf army. I played my friend today, he was using high elves, 12 swordmens, 12 bowmen, Gil-galad and Elrond, and I had 12 Ro R, 4 w/ throwing spear, Eomer, Eowyn, Theoden, Gamling. XD at one point I had only Eomer, Eowyn and two Ro R, and he had 15 Elves, Gil-Galad, and Elrond left - but with my briliant tactical mind, I still won, without losing another model.

    Neix J

    True elves are a challenge to use. But challenges are fun. Elves can be sick if you use them right.

    Wise Wanderer
    Yeah... Its the two handed weapon thing ya gotta be careful with.

    Neix J

    The only good two handed weapon is a two handed spear.

    Wise Wanderer
    Two handed weapons are Ok because of the plus on the wound roll...

    Neix J
    Category Articles Neixj,in short i think you are are a retart your comment up the top was just stupid i mean of course there are unstopable armies seeing mine has 50 warriors of minas tirith, 5 captains an avanger bolt thower 2 catapults 6 fountain guards, 12 citadel guards and king ellesar of gondor and my standed bearers

    Shouldn't the other hand for the ex-archer have a shield on or something.Wouldn't it look a bit weird with one hand outstretched with a sword in and the other one on his chest?

    Legolasthe Golden

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    Edited October 28, 2006 (diff)
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