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Miniatures/Conversions/How To Use Pin Vice

Edit this page (last edited October 29, 2004)

This was a response I gave to a question on another forum board.

1. To attach a drill bit there is normally a threaded "collar" that is screwed onto the end, much like a scalpel like hobby knife. Undo this collar and the hole at that end should widen a little, slide the drill bit into this hole.

3. Then turn the collar the other way until it is tight. The drill bit should now be fixed into position and can't spin inside the shaft of the vice.

2. I like to make a small dent or mark where I'm going to drill so the drill bit won't slip when I apply pressure

3. Place the end (non drill end) into the fleshy part of your hand at the base of your index finger, more or less in your palm between your thumb and index finger.

4. Place the drill bit in the pre marked dent / "guide spot". Making sure that your drill bit is "square" to your work, as you don't want to drill at an angle.

5. Apply firm even pressure and rotate the drill bit in a clockwise rotation (I'm guessing it's a standard bit, as there are only a few that twist anti-clockwise). Twisting between your thumb and index finger does the rotation. You should notice the non-drill end stay fixed, while the "shaft" of the vice turns. This is what allows you to apply pressure while twisting. The other point is make sure it is even pressure otherwise you may snap your bit.

6. If the bit gets really tight turn the vice anti-clockwise while withdrawing the bit, this will pull out the drillings and burs that are catching the bit.

Sometimes it can be hard going, but it's normally OK with these soft alloys. Hope this is what you were asking, and not too simple, and if so I hope it helps.
Where can you buy Pin Vice? And approxiamatly how much are they in Australian dollars?

-Captain Of Gondor
Pin Vices can be found at any hobby shop, crafts store, or even most home improvement stores. They shouldn't be very expensive, like $5-$10 USD...

-Shnar Gru
Thanx for that Shnar Gru!

-Captain Of Gondor

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Edited October 29, 2004 (diff)
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