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Miniatures/Conversions/Lorien Bannerman

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Lorien Elf Bannerman

  • Lorien Elf Bannerman
  • Introduction
  • Introduction

    I have always loved the wood elf banner from the Heroes of Helm’s Deep Box Set, but I do not like Haldir’s Elves, and \see pictures)pictures I have of this model simply do not do that hand justice. The model is holding the banner in its right hand and pointing dramatically with the left. I'll see what I can do about getting another pic up of a better angle.

    -Elrond The Avenger
    Yeah, post up another one, especially once you've had time to paint it. Sheesh, sometimes I wish I was still in high school, all that extra time on your hands

    Then again, on second though, having a high paying programming job is nice

    -Shnar Gru

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