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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Lorien Swordsmen

Edit this page (last edited February 7, 2006)

== Lorien Elf Swordsmen with Shie
  • One Small Pocketknife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers
  • File
  • Clay (optional)

Step 1

Locate the spot where the archerís thumb is attached to the arrow fletching. With wire cutters or the pocketknife, cut the thumb so it is no longer attached to the quiver.

Then, locate the handle of the knife attached to the back of the archers arm on the backside of the figure. Using the knife, files, or wire cutters, completely remove the handle of the knife from the figure.

Note that the two bottom fingers of this hand are attached to the archers palm. You can make a small cut between the fingers and hand and try to pry the fingers open so that this hand will fit properly around the sword handle.

handle later in the conversion. After you are done cutting the hand away from the arrow fletching, Take hold of the arm with pliers and reposition the arm by bending it away from the body at the shoulder. Bed the arm until it is at roughly 45 degrees away from the body, looking from the front.

Step 3

Cut the blade of the spear off of a high elf spearman, this is what will be used for the elven blade (compare this blade to that of the fellowship range Haldir, the swords are very similar in shape). Superglue the sword handle to the open hand of the model, and once the superglue form a strong bond; bend the fingers of the hand so that they are gripping the elven blade.

Step 4

Now, cut the bow from the modelís other hand, again just above and below the hand. On the back of the model, cut/ file off any remaining bits of the knife handle so that the bow will fit closely to the edge of the sheath. Then, attach half of the bow to the knife sheath on the back. NOTE: You may want to cut the bow at angle to make it better fit the sheath.

Step 5

File down all the designs on the lower 66% of the elven shield. Then cut the shield in accordance to picture 5. Cut off the archerís bow-hand (or half of it according to personal wishes) and bend it to a desired position. Then, glue the shield to the stump so that the fingers on the shield line up with the stump. If desired you can recreate the modelís hand with clay, but it seemed to me a waste of time since you donít normally look behind a shield anyways. If you use clay on the hand, remember to bake the model for 3 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, congratulate yourself for your successful completion of a Lorien Elf Swordsman with Shield!


Thats about it, trying to get a pic of all my converted Mirkwood Elves together.

- Elrond The Avenger


Please Give me any feedback, this is the article I will send next to TLA, and I want to make it as easy for the proofreaders as possible.

Category Articles
Very nice - one of the best Lorien sword/shield conversions I have seen. As a TLA proofreader, I would be happy to accept this - your English is good, the photos are clear. etc. One query - would baking your model at 300F not melt the model (not sure about the Fahrenheit scale)? Also, in any case minor modelling like this would be done most often I thought with Green Stuff/Kneadedite? or Milliput rather than modelling clay.

- Os Bad

Thanks. At the time I did these conversions, I did not have any greenstuff, but on this conversion, I used no clay at all. I just included that for perfectionists who might wish to make the hand gripping the shield look perfect. Incidentally, I never look at the model's hand behind the shield, so it does not bother me. 300 F is not a sufficient heat to mealt a metal model, especially not aftera mere 3 minutes. It can hovever damage plastics, so be careful.

-Elrond The Avenger

Nice pics! I love your Lorien Conversion series. Maybe add some Haldir or Armoured Celeborn Conversions? The conversions look great but I think that you should consider sculpting weapons instead of taking them off of other miniatures, this way it's more cost effective. Good Job though!


At one point, I was considering doing a Haldir unarmored model firing his bow, but I do not wish to spend another $9 to get a haldir that will be decapitated.... It would be much more cost-effective to sculpt weapons instead of taking others', but I had extras of those models, and for the royal gaurd spears, the royal gaurd come with two hands apiece, so no money was lost there. As for the high elves, I am planning on making all of those spearless spearmen into enaith and sculpting lance heads onto the ends of their spear-pole. They won't have shields,but meh, the really don't need them...

-Elrond The Avenger

Do you think it might look alright if instead of taking a high elf shield maybe a man of gondor shield, but cut off the stars and stuff so you have the shield just with the tree left? I dunno just a thought.

-Lord Of Lorien
I think that that would look fine. I had extra high elf shield from when I *tried* to turn my high elf spearmen into elnaith with lances....

-Elrond The Avenger

Marshall Of The Mark
i like the modeling but not a very gd job painting!!! -ungoliant

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Edited February 7, 2006 (diff)
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