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Miniatures/Conversions/Making Elnaith

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Category Articles

Making Elnaith

By Elvenknight009


  • High Elf
  • Rider of Rohan
  • Glue
  • Modeling Saw
  • Green Stuff
  • Hobby Knife
  • Sculpting Tool
  • Sand Paper

First you must cut a High Elf and a Rider of Rohan in half. Cut the Elf just under his sash and cut the Rider where the top of the saddle is. You may also need to shave off some remaining hands, quivers, and cloaks. If the cuts are not smooth than you may sand them to make the fit better.

Well there are two kinds. What they generally refure to as green stuf is an expensive but highly versetile green putty. What I use is a cheeper brand that is more for fillin in cracks then sculpting new apendages. Now get back to the Elf, you may have to cut some of the cloak off for it to work with the Rider of Rohan’s body. The image above shows where you might have to cut the cloak off.

Glue the Elf’s upper half to the Rider’s lower half than get out the green stuff and mix up a fair amount of it. Start molding the cloak so it blends in with the Rider’s cloak. You may have to remodel some of the saddle if some of it was cut off.

A good way to make the folds is by using your nails and ‘pinch’ where the folds are needed; this gets the green stuff to rise. The technique might not work for those with big nails. You can do this where the lines are on the picture above. If this doesn’t work than you can use a sculpting tool and push two sides together.

Now we move onto the horse. You may choose to leave the horse as it is but this step is for those who want different horses. Start off with some green stuff and extend it on the thigh area for some armor. Do this on both sides. Now get 2 small rectangles of green stuff and fit it on the front ‘shins’ of the horse. Than get 2 sausages made from green stuff and wrap it around the shin pads and the horse’s leg to make the strap for the pads. Now to make the helmet for the horse you can see the diagram below.

You start off by using your Green Stuff and making a large sausage that will be going around the top part of your horse’s head. Now you must make the eye hole in the helmet by circling the eye with green stuff. For the rest of the helmet, lay out some green stuff on the front of the head and some of it on the sides. You may need to leave small gaps for the nostrils.

Place your rider on the horse and voila, you are now done the conversion. The next step is to paint your Elnaith. Below are some pictures of how my Elnaith ended up.


Leave your comments here.
it it pretty cool but i dont like the colour sheme i am going to tell my friend. [random messenger] -knight of dolormth

how do you create the model with the spears facing down the model on the bottom of your article?

Excellent article! Do you include these in your army? I've wondered how well they'd work. My tactics is usually pretty straightforward, a line of bowmen with a line of spearmen behind them. I don't know how cavalry would fit. How do they work out for you?

-Shnar Gru

I put them behind my battlelines until the enemy approaches and use them to clean up the battlefield.


Who is Elnaith?

Who ever your are Elnaith are Elven Cavalry.


Well, the conversion is minted but the only thing is the paintin and the horses armour. But still a great conversion if u paint it different to the picture.

I'll have to agree, making Elnaith is really easy so there is no need for a long guide. And yes the colors are odd >.<


To my defence, my painting is average so far. This is because I just started the hobby 4 months ago. If you have any comments or tips to improve my painting please inform me, thanks. I also agree Elves are cool but they don't have much Troop Selection.


We all start somewhere. I remember when I was 13, and frankly I think you're doing fine. My comments meant that you need more practice to be sure, but doing good for your level. Only way to get better is to keep doing, i.e. just keep painting and it'll improve. It's definately a lot more than anything I've done to this point, and I've been gaming for over 20 years now. I asked you for the photos and they came out very clear and detailed. I think the photos are wonderful and very useful on how to create the conversion.

Erks me to see someone tear-down a piece of art and then not offer any ways to improve it. And even worse, what contributions has this critic offered to the community? I don't think you have any ground to stand on if you don't contribute. If anything, you know how to properly speak and punctuate english. I agree w/StrongBad? and can't stand people not taking the time to put capital letter where they belong, know how to write sentences and paragraphs, etc.

If you want some real constructive critisism, here's a couple pointers:
  • Wet your fingers when messing w/ Green Stuff (I can see your fingerprints in the horse's cloth)
  • Start using either a hobby knife or better yet some modeling tools (can't think of their names, the small pieces of iron slightly bent) to add good detail into the Green Stuff. Your current models don't have much detail. That's probably ok though for the large number of conversions you're doing, but wouldn't sit well for a Hero conversion.
  • Painting, don't overly drybrush. Do the edges (I prefer drybrushing to highlighting) and that's it. Maybe go back over w/basecolor to de-emphasize it. It's a less-is-more thing, but takes experience to really see when/where to do it.

Lastly, don't let anyone discourage you, I love the additions you've done for our site! You're a very strong member of our community and highly active at that.

-Shnar Gru

Thanks, that was just what I needed although I wasn't down that much. As for your tips I'll take them into consideration. I myself hate drybrushing as it takes to long but I guess with some patience as you'd suggested the minis will turn up better. It's a good thing I've got 2 Elnaith left to convert so I'll try to do my best on them and gain experience to paint Glorfindel. Thanks again.


I think your Elnaith are really cool. I really liked the armour on the horses. Have you thought of making Elnaith with bows? Or maybe Spears? As for the painting i think its fine, especially if youve been doing it for 4 months and Shnar Gru is right, the more you paint the better you'll get. Try experimenting with different techniques. The only thing i didnt really like about the model was the red rim round the base, but then again so far ive only based about 4 of my models lol. nice work


I like your Elnaith. I collect lorien elves and I'm wondering if maybe I could convert a lorien elf into elnaith? Wood elves dont really have any cavalry and they need it. Keep up the good work. I have been collecting for around 1 month. I'm not very good at painting either so i will take on your tips.

-Lord Of Lorien
Woodelves get the advantage of no movement penalty in trees, makes up for not having horses (which can't move in trees anyways). You could make Lorien Elnaith, however I would question how thematic it would be. If you're not too worried about staying true to theme though, which is fine (this game is more about fun than staying true-to-the-books), then I would propose that Woodelf horses would have no sadles. If you remember Legolas and Arod in the books, he removed the bridal and sadle and rode bareback, whispering to the horse which way to go. Makes you wonder why Glorfindel's horse then had a sadle, eh?

Oh, and welcome aboard Lord Of Lorien

-Shnar Gru

Thanks, im just about to start painting an ent to add to my wood elf army cos ents are cool.

-Lord of Lorien
Very Impressive, this is a brilliant artical which is explained well. I would like to see some other similar articles and these models painted. Well done PS I am gonna try this except with a knight of minas tirith and a citadel guard model.

-Twitch Of Gondor

Elves does not use saddle when riding... just a point


ok. i agree that i was overly harsh on your painting, i guess it was cos i was in a foul mood that day. i really do appologise for my actions. i thinks the conversions are really great and altho th colour scheme is a little different its a nice break from the conventional colour scheme of elves. i agin apologise and hope you have a great time collecting and painting elves.

-Lord Glorfindel

I must thank you Elven Knight. Thanks to this page I was able to do far beter on my own Elnaith. By learning from your mistakes rather then my own I was able to increase the quality of my work. So I will now pay you back by sharing information that may help you in future creations. Fist of all High elf spearmen make the best Elnaith you have to use the one with a spear pointed almost parallel to the ground. In the case of spearmen it is best to cut the model right bellow the hip armor as oposed to bellow the sash. Instead of making armor it is better to just make the bridal less textured and paint it gold. Also instead of using green stuff use modeling putty for the cloak it gets a much more cloth like texture. Also don't try for hours to cut a metal model in half you'll wind up ruining it. Saving the cloak so you don't need to sculpt a new one is a good Idea but don't try for too long or the modle will get ruined by the vice grip. I hope this will come in handy

Wise Wanderer
Thanks for the tips I will keep them handy. It's good to hear that my mistakes actually helped someone. Are you expecting pictures of your Elnaith in the near future?


No I don't have a scanner or a digital camera. I'm not really established on this site I wouldn't really know how.
What is green stuff ? Is it blu tack, clay or what?


Green stuff is this stuff that is green coloured.:P It's modelling putty

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Where do u spose i could buy "green stuff'?

You can buy green stuff at Games Workshop stores

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Hey! The cool thing about this is use could use the leftovers to make a heavy armored Wo R!

Neix J

Rohan Royal Guard conversions!

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
With really bad eggs! I mean legs!

Neix J

And I suppose the bodies wouldn't really suit either

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

I used the top halfs with the lower halfs of the 2nd Age Gondorians to make Warriors of Rohan as I don't need 16 Men of Gondor.


That's a good idea. I would possibly do it except I collect Gondor.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

Wanna really kick the moddel up a notch. Cut off the left arm, reposition it so its close to the bridal. Cut off the right hand with the sword intact and rotate it slightly. Make some reins out of moddeling puddy goint to the left hand, cut off the bottom of the sword and gule it to the bottom of the hilt to complete the sword. Gives it a great action pose.

Listen to him, he lies not.

Neix J

Ah this old article. Its the reason I ever found this site. Yeah I've got four of these now. Three Spearmen and an archer.

Wise Wanderer

thx for the guide on elnaith im making my own bloodelven army so i think im gonna need it when i got some ill show a pic with there enemy's (THE ORCISH HORDE)lol im making warcraft 3 miniatures :P) if there r any comments plz


Are Elnaith actually legal troops to us? Do they have profiles in the rulebook?


no but you can play em anyway.

Wise Wanderer

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