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Miniatures/Conversions/Making My Own Fell Beast

Edit this page (last edited January 4, 2006)

Making My Own Fell Beast

If like me you want to add a fell beast to your collection, ideal for people like me who collect gondor and would only need to use a fell beast occaisionly or to expand a mordor collection, then this is the guide for you! I didnt have 30 lying around so with a few things from my tool box I created a mighty fell beast, bigger than GWs perfect for the powerful witch king!

  • Making My Own Fell Beast
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Section 1-The Base
  • Section 2-The tail
  • Section 3-The body
  • Section 4-The body continued
  • Section 5-The head
  • Section 6-Finishing Touches
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    This article provides guidelines on how to add a fell beast to your collection and although you dont need to be expert at sculpting

    Materials List

    • millput putty (green stuff)
    • thick wire
    • Knife
    • Glue
    • newspaper
    • wood or suitable base
    • foamboard
    • jig saw

    Section 1-The Base

    For the base you can either draw around a circle, i used a protractor, on to a piece of wood use a jig saw to cut this out. Or you can use a gw base but i went for wood as its stronger, heavier and you can make it to the right size. Mine had a diameter of 10 cm.

    Section 2-The tail

    On the base draw the shape you want the tail to be, often a spiral from the centre works best, cut a piece of wire to an appropiate length, then glue this to the base, bending it to the right shape. Once its dried, use green stuff over this starting off smaller and gradually getting better. Basically expanding the curve shape of the wire. Feel free to add spikes to the tail.

    Section 3-The body

    Create a body shape from wire, start off 2d then add circles getting bigger and then smaller, stopping before the head. Create seperate legs and use putty to create a secure join. Make the outside shape of the wings from the wire and attach these to the body, when the tails dry, attach the body to the tail, go over this join with green stuff to seal the join. If you find the body wobbling you could add a ruined pillar which you bend the wing around, adding extra support.

    Section 4-The body continued

    To make sure it stands up propperly cover the top with paper mache, so the further down the model, the heavier it gets. You may need to do several layers to make it strong enough.

    Section 5-The head

    Use green stuff to sculpt a basic shape of the head, when this dries, add another layer which contains the details. Join the head to the top of the body by putting green stuff on the parts where they join. To make the head secure, you could leave a bit of wire sticking out from the body which the head could slot on to.

    Section 6-Finishing Touches

    If you see any places for improvement just simply use green stuff to add details. Such as creating spines on the wings.


    I hope you find this article extremely useful, i will add the guides for making a rider and painting the fell beast later. As soon as my pictures have devloped i will scan them in (no digital camera) but better than none.


    Please leave your comments below -The Terrain Dude
    Excellent! I'd love to see some pictures of the finished product

    Neix J

    I will as soon as they are developed.

    -The Terrain Dude

    Awsome idea sounds pretty good. I'll build one after I get the right materials.

    -Goblin Master
    sounds great can you hurry with the pics pleez -MACE
    Yeah please post pics-haradman
    Bad news on the pics side. the fell beast was drying on my table, but i nocked it off while excitedly carrying my new mumak. It hit the ground, the head, neck and wing fell off and smashed. The fell beast was not quite the right size, so i intend to make a new one. and i will add pics when ive started.

    The Terrain Dude
    Cool can't wait for the pics!!! Sorry to hear about your disaster
    BUMMER!! so sorry and good luck with the smaller/larger one can't wait 4 pics

    -Uruk-Hai Hunter
    Got some more green stuff at last! I have a day off school tomorrow so Im going to try and start the fell beast. Won't have a digital camera for a while yet though so you'll just have to be patient.

    The Terrain Dude
    once youve made a new one please at least borrow someones camera. i would love to see how it turns out

    -Mr Mclukus
    Sounds really cool - way to be frugal! I don't see why you can't do this for more units - buy a toy elephant and call it the mummik, instead of paying $65!

    Bour Bon
    so are you going to get this done? my last post i made was like 6 months ago.

    Mr Mclukus
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