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Edit this page (last edited May 6, 2006)

This is how I a pretty new person to the hobby converted my troll chieftan...

  • Supplies
  • My objective
  • The project starts
  • Finishing up
  • Painting
  • Painting: The Troll's armor
  • Painting: The Troll's Skin
  • Painting: The Gondorian
  • Conclusion
  • Comments/ insults

  • Supplies

    *Troll chieftan model *A gondorian model *Tons of super glue (very important!) *Whatever color paint (I myself used games workshop paints, i will list the colors later) *Basing sand *Foliage or static grass (optional)

    My objective

    I had seen somewhere a picture of a heavily armored troll lifting the limp body of a gondorian. I thought that if I could do that with my few skills it would earn me at least a little starting respect among proffesionals such as you. So i tried out a body of a gondorian by sticking it into the trolls hand and found that it fit perfectly! Then i proceeded to changing the pose of the gondorian to make it seem as if gravity was gulling on his arms.

    The project starts

    Firstly i cut off both of a gondorians arms and decided on a pose. I will include some pics that i took to try and give you a good visual.

    Then after much internal fighting and debate I decided on a pose and super glued the arms back into position.

    Finishing up

    After the gondorian has dried assemble the troll and place the gondorian's head in the trolls hand so that it fits and is nice and cozy. Now the fun part, squeeze insaine amounts of super glue onto the gondorian and troll's hand and then simply hold them together for a while. This can be tricky, you will ocasionally glue you fingers together, I did it many times before the end... if this happens simply put the under hod water and fub the gebtly apart.


    As I said before I used games workshop paints and I will now list them for anybody who might want to follow in my steps.

    Troll: *Chaos Black *Boltgun Metal *Scorched Brown *Dwarf Flesh *Dark Flesh *Bleached Bone

    Gondorian: *Tin Bitz *Elf Flesh *Blood Red *Mithril Silver

    So here is how i did it:

    Painting: The Troll's armor

    To paint the troll's armor i used boltgun metal and covered all the armor with that. After that it was a simple matter of using brown ink to make the armot look rusted in areas, I also used black ink to reduce the shine of the metallic paint.

    Here is a picture that shows what the armor looks like from the front:

    Painting: The Troll's Skin

    For the trolls skin I started out dark and then got lighter and lighter to try and bring out the muscles. I first did a coat of just Scroched brown and then as i went on I added more and more Dwarf Flesh to the highlights. The only thing tou have to do to get the sking to look good is to only put lighter pain on the more raised surfaces .

    Here is a photo of the troll's arm, you can see some of the highlighting:

    And here is a close up of the front of the troll's legs:

    Another important part of the troll is that rough scales that cover their backs and legs. For painting these I used Dark Flesh and then covered that with lots of Brown Ink, I would advise you not to do this however because then the scales become really shiney and bright.

    Here is a picture of the scales on the back of the troll's leg:

    Painting: The Gondorian

    I wanted the gondorian to stand out compaired to the dark rusted armor of the troll so I chose Mithril Silver as an armor color. I painted all armor first with Bronze and then Mithril Silver. The face was a simple coat of Elf flesh and then I added some Blood Red to the face just for effect.

    Again there is a good picture of the person above however here is a picture of the Gongorian's back:


    In conclusion, I had a lot of fun converting this troll and you probably had fun laughing at how bad I am but I guess that makes us both happy...

    I will show some more pictures of the final product:

    In this one I used a backround and the castle from one of my game boards:

    Comments/ insults

    Feel free to try to boost my self esteem, or you can diss me... either is fine.

                                       Thanks, Necromancer Of Mirkwood

    Nice dude on the arm of the troll, nice painting job too... I have a cave troll, i drilled a hole through a man of minas tirth and stuck him on the spear, sorta like this, lol Thanks for posting and keeping the site alive

    Bour Bon

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    Edited May 6, 2006 (diff)
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