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Miniatures/Conversions/Mordor Orcs

Edit this page (last edited January 28, 2006)

Mordor Orcs

  • Mordor Orcs
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Preparation
  • Weapon Swaps
  • Playing With Greenstuff
  • Add New Weapons
  • Alter Shields
  • Go Wild
  • Body Swapping
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    Probably the best thing about Mordor Orcs is how different they all are - unfortunately as soon as you get more than 12 they start looking strangely similar. Here are some ideas for how you can add some individuality to your forces (I now have 36 different models!)

    Materials List

    • Sprue of Plastic Mordor Orcs
    • Green Stuff
    • Knife
    • Plastic Glue
    • Some bits of spare plastic/plasticard


    To make life easier take all the models of the sprue and trim them up, get rid of mould lines etc. I found it was possible to adapt a full sprue of models without using extra pieces or ending up with 'useless' models which had no weapons although I did end up making a couple.

    Weapon Swaps

    Probably the easiest way to make a model look a bit different - chop of weapons from a couple of models (by the hand if you can) and swap 'em over, simple as.

    Before: Orc with sword - cut it off by the hand and then...

    Add an axe instead

    Playing With Greenstuff

    At first glance greenstuff looks expensive but it's well worth the cash as if your only making little changes lasts forever. Mix up a bit to use (equal quantities blue and yellow putty) and then try some of the following:

    Add New Weapons

    Have a play and see what you end up with - this is meant to be a mace. To make a mace take a short length of old chain (mine came from a cracker necklace), add a ball of greenstuff to the end and snip with pliers to make spikes. Steal the spear from the orc (shown left) and replace with the mace, save the spear for someone else.

    This ones got a sword I copied from a neat book i got called 'Weapons and Warfare in Middle Earth' (i'm hoping it will look more real when it's painted!)

    Alter Shields

    Shields are really easy to change - you can change the shape or the design with virtually no effort at all

    Add a bit of trim onto a plain shield and a boss in the middle for an easy change

    Or do both of the above for a double whammy.

    Go Wild

    Final way to play with greenstuff - change anything else i haven't already mentioned; add helmets, alter clothing or change arrow sheaths.

    Body Swapping

    A little bit harder to swap bodies over but still not too tricky. Ideally use a craft saw for this but a craft knife works fine with a little effort. Chop two models in half along the line of their belts then stick them back together the other way round. Use greenstuff to fill in gaps and remodel clothing but wait until the glue dries first. Note if you chop up an archer you'll have to make two cuts so you don't slice the arrow case in half.


    If you use the methods detailed above you can manage to make an almost infinite number of individual models, eventually i'll put pics of some of the variations i came up with in my sculpting gallery. Hope this article was useful, if any one has suggestions please leave them below.

    - Kaliska


    Wow! These look great, and yet very simple to do! I'd love to see the models all painted up. Make sure you udpate the article once that's done

    Good job!

    -Shnar Gru
    Nice article gonna try that.

    -Fires Of Mordor
    Bravo, cool conversions. Although I think that the chain on the orc with the mace is a wee bit big. Other than that keep up the good work. If you want to post this up as a TLA article than I'd throw in some more conversions as well as some more for Orc heroes. Hope to see more of your work soon!


    This is really good. I like the way you have varied your models by swapping parts around. Have you seen my 'forces of souron conversions' page? It has orcs like yours and I have changed their weapons and added lots of spikes. I'll definately try out your conversions on the next orcs my brother gets. Good job

    -Twitch Of Gondor

    I'm glad y'all liked the article, my first attempt. Twitch, yes i did read your article - that was what prompted me to start playing with my ones so thanx!


    It's too bad TLA already has some orc conversion articles, but it's worth a try to submit yours there, especially since yours is better than some of them already there! You should also make an article for how you converted Gimli. I'm sure alot of people would want to do that.

    -Ranger of the North
    Yeah - i wrote this one up a bit better and submitted it to them - it's been provisionally accepted but they've got a msg up atm that they're not putting up new articles til they get some more space for the site so i'll wait and see.

    Cool! lol I was waiting for that message to disappear to send an article in also...Actually, I think it might be a good idea to wait a little bit before sending it in because the rangers up there might be a little stingy with their bandwidth space, and might only let the best of the best article be accepted so if I wait a little bit for them to get more BW, it might get accepted easier...

    BTW, I am gothmogofmorgul(at) It'll be cool to talk to you there.

    -Ranger of the North
    I don't have greenstuff...but that didn't stop me converting almost half my mordor orcs!

    -Lasta Greyshield

    Why not post up some pics.... would be cool to see how u changed them

    Man, thats amazing! Abd LGreysheild, you can go to virtually any hobby store and ask for greenstuff and theyll sell you some.

    Neix J
    Awesome article, loved the photos!!

    I cant stand how there is often so little variety in even the plastic sets. Simple conversions such as these are awesome for making a diverse army.

    Bour Bon

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