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Miniatures/Conversions/Moria Goblin Captain Conversion

Edit this page (last edited December 15, 2005)

Moria Goblin Captain Conversion

  • Moria Goblin Captain Conversion
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Getting the parts
  • Assembaling
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    This conversion is to make a goblin captain out of only plastic parts so it is cheap. This conversion is so easy it only requires 2 steps.

    Materials List

    • 1 Goblin archer that has just fired
    • 1 Goblin swordsman
    • Knife
    • Glue

    Getting the parts

    1st cut the sword and the bow off there respective models and remove the sheild.


    Now simply glue the sword in the archers back hand, the sheild on the side of its other arm and its bow to its back. Now just paint it.


    Now was'nt that easy. This is a great conversion for someone that dos'nt have a lot of money to spare and collects moria goblins.

    - The Converter


    Please tell me what you think of this conversion.
    Seen it before loads of times

    Elrohir Of Rivendel
    Hey Im new but it seems that this guys been banned so there dosnt seem to be a point and isnt this in BGi ME

    You know, you don't have to sacrifice another goblin. That's a waste. You can just create your own sword and shield from scratch. It's a piece of cake.

    -Retarded Geek

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