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Miniatures/Conversions/Ranger Spearmen

Edit this page (last edited September 1, 2005)

Ranger Spearmen


This is my first conversion article and im sorry it has no pics but i dont have a digital camera and i wouldn't know how to insert them anyway. I collect Gondor, specialising in Rangers and witha painting contest coming up at my local games workshop i wanted to convert some rangers to hold spears as well as bows which i could enter.


  • Ranger of Gondor (Standing up)
  • Rohan warrior with spear
  • Green Stuff
  • clippers
  • pin vice
  • super glue
  • Knife

Stage 1

Cut the rangers bow off leaving the hand, basically cutting the bow off above and below the hand. Do the same with the rohans spear. It would be simpler just to make a hand swap but all rohan hold spears in right hand, while the rangers bow is in his left!

Stage 2

Now use the pin vice to drill through the bow hand at an angle so it is towards rangers feet.

Stage 3

Glue the two parts of the spear into the hole drilled in the rangers you will probbally find it doesn't fit exactly but it doesnt matter if there isn't actually anything in the grip. then fill any gaps with putty.

Stage 4

As for the bow you have two options, either glue it onto the hand which would pull back the bows string or my favourite glue it to the rangers back next to the quiver. Then add some straps from putty.

Stage 5

Now you are ready to paint! Soon i will add a great way of painting rangers in the painting section using a painting graph (something i made up)

As for the competition the judges really liked my converted rangers along with my normal ones and i came second. Almost first but a warhammer model just beat me!

Please leave your comments! The Terrain Dude

do rangers come in blister packs or boxed sets and are they metal or plastic

Excellent! Leave a message on Neix J for me when you post up a guide to painting Rangers, becuase I am getting a cupple for my birthday :p.

Neix J
Ive now added the rangers painting guide!

The Terrain Dude
nice,u got a digital camera -Citadel Guard
Well, no i got a digital video camera, but my friend let me borrow his digi cam, so i took as many pics as i could. This rangers not that well painted but it's the best converted. soon im doing a Mordor troll conversion guide.

The Terrain Dude


-Citadel Guard

My rangers are seriously cool!, Ill get pictures up within minutes, they took 3hrs to paint 4! (got 8 more)

Umm the ranger spearman looks a tad slipshod. Maby you can try moving the arm or giving him a sheild.
Well... Rangers cant have sheids... But the arms look a bit weird, like he still has his bow

Neix J
whoever said that they spent three hours painting their rangers, thats alot of concentration youve got there. cough(crazy)

Mr Mclukus

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Edited September 1, 2005 (diff)
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