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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Really Cool Elf Captain

Edit this page (last edited November 1, 2006)

Elven Captain conversion

This artical explains how to make a really cool Elven captain that carry's it's own standard.

  • Elven Captain conversion
  • Materials
  • Step 1 changing the arms
  • Step 2 the shield
  • Step 3 the banner
  • Comments
  • Materials

    1 high elf spearmen's sheild

    1 high elf swordsmen

    1 print out banner

    some glue


    A paper clip

    Step 1 changing the arms

    Begin by cutting the left arm off of the high elf swordsman, bend and adjust the arm so it can look natural holding a standard. Glue the arm back on with about a 90 degree rotation.

    Step 2 the shield

    wrap a tiny peice of wire around the elf to form a strap for the sheild. Glue the sheild on the back covering any loose ends of the wire.

    Step 3 the banner

    Drill a hole through the hand, cut part of the paperclip off for the pole. Glue the paperclip in place. Add some sort of ornament to the top if desired. Paint the moddle then add the banner of your choice.


    Just to let you know, heroes can't carry standards.

    Retarded Geek
    So what, Retarded Geek, it doesn't mean you can't be ambitious and create your own things. Oh nooo, iv'e got a mounted ranger, lets bomb my house!! Samwise_the-Great

    Just to let you know oh one who chose his name wisely. Your utterly wrong. How about Boromere hmm, or Gamling 0r Halberad. I've made a profile for a heroic standard bearer so sue me.

    Wise Wanderer

    Bombs away!

    In all fairness to Retarded Geek, the only exceptions to the rule he stated are for special heroes. Wanderer, you spelled Boromir wrong. I wonder if i can bring this to court. . .

    Samwise, why doesn't your name have a link? If you haven't made one yet, create a usernam home page.

    GET some pics ya retards

    Not owning a scanner or digital camera doesn't make me a retard. It makes me a kid with parents who are putting a brother through college.

    Wise Wanderer

    WHo screwed with the materials list

    Wise Wanderer

    Sounds good, but elven captains are really expensive in points


    yeah, but they r the best...

    Legolasthe Golden

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    Edited November 1, 2006 (diff)
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