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Miniatures/Conversions/Rohirrim With Axe And Bow

Edit this page (last edited September 1, 2005)

ok i had too many rohirrim for my own good so i decided i would do a bit of mix and matching.

step 1:grab the rohirrim dude with the helmet with a gold rim down the middle and a bow with his arm on his cheek.

step 2:carefully clip off the arm on his cheek

step 3:now grab the axeman and cut off his arm diagonally at his elbow

step 4:glue the axe arm on so he is holding it away from his body with the axe facing upwards

this dude makes a great person for a captain and he looks cool too. if this is already put in a book please dont ban me coz ive only got the packs up to number 37. feel free to leave a comment coz i rarely get any. also check out my helms deep structure in the scenery buildings page


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Edited September 1, 2005 (diff)
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