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LotR Wiki

Miniatures/Conversions/Simple Man Of Minas Tirith Conversion

Edit this page (last edited May 27, 2005)

Category Articles
This is a simple conversion to make your army not be completely the same. It is perfect if you have never converted a model before. I have used a Minas Tirith Swordsman and a Spearman for this one.

First, I have cut of the hand and weappon of both minis. Then, I filed down the rough edges and glued the weapons on the other model (so the spear from the spearman would now go onto where the sword on the swordsman was) with plastic glue (polystyrene cement).

I then waited for that to dry and it was now ready for painting!

This is the new spearman.

Before (left) & After (right)

-King Of Gondor

i've made about ten different versions of these and taken pictures but cant get them up

-Captain Of Gondor Converter
      For all converting needs come to me.

Yeah, I just put these up so the little people that have just started can know an easy way to start making conversions

-King Of Gondor

Neix J

I've made a cool Rohan captain conversion. The one with the sword in the air and a snarl on his face.

Amring, Blessed cold.

"Wear are you going master?" The kind master said, "to get a drink."

There also is a conversion where you can make a minas tirith warrior holding and throwing 2 spears. Get the archer bending over, snip off the bow and the quiver. Then get one of a spearmen's spears and glue it onto his right hand in any direction you want him to be throwing at. Get another spear and glue it onto his left hand so he is holding the other one. If you don't want to use the plastic spears you can modell your own.

I've made a couple captains out of necesity. One Rohan lost his spear. Instead of just gluing it back on I replaced it with an ax and glued the spear to his back. I also made a Rider with a sheild on his right upper arm you might notice someone like that in the Warg attack scene.

Wise Wanderer
I've converted lots of dudes simply because I can't stand them being the same. I've swapped many weapons (I gavve an Uruk-hai a bloody scythe) I swap spears for swords and vice versa, I cut guys off their base sprues and make them standing on stuff...

Bour Bon
yeah, it looks weird when all your warriors are in the same pose. that's the bad thing about the last alliance boxed set; nearly all the people look the same.

Retarded Geek

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Edited May 27, 2005 (diff)
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