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Category Articles

Standardbearer conversion

By The Red eye

This conversation can be used to any model witch has a weapon pointing upwards.

  • Standardbearer conversion
  • The Model
  • The Banner
  • Comments
  • The Model

    The easyest way to make a standard bearer without a pin vice is this: Find a model with a weapon pointing upwards (Haradrim spearmens are great)if the weapon is enough long to have a banner without any conversions simply attach the banner on it. If not you can cut the weapon of and put there something better. That 'better' can be attached with little green stuff or/and glue.

    The Banner

    The cheapest banner is made with paper, PVA glue and paints. Cut a suitable Flag of the paper, paint it in the way you like and put a thin layer of PVA glue on the both sides of the paper, wait for druying and glue it on the model.


    Feel free to comment this article.

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