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Category Articles


  • Banners
  • Introduction
  • Materials List
  • Applying to a Miniature
  • Free Peoples Banners
  • Elven Banners
  • Rohirrim Banners
  • Gondorian Banners
  • Dwarven Banners
  • Evil Banners
  • Mordor and Moria Banners
  • Isengard Banners
  • Contributions
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Introduction


    Author's Note: This article is meant to be an end-all list of all different types of banners. As you create new banners, feel free to include them here for everyone to use. It is my hope that this article will grow and eventually become the one-stop-shop location for Lot R Banners.

    The first images here were extracted from a German-made PDF, but since I don't read German, I don't know who to credit these to. -Shnar Gru

    Materials List

    Most articles need to include a Materials List, a listing of what you need to have to do this article on your own. Make it a bullet list (i.e. a list of items starting with a * on a new line):
    • Material 0 * Material 2
    • Knife
    • Glue
    • Your miniatures
    • etc.

    Applying to a Miniature

    There is a great article at one-ring that is mentioned down the bottom of the page as steeling the images. This problem has been resolved and it would be great to take a look at it

    Free Peoples Banners

    The banners you see here are for the various Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

    Elven Banners

    Gil-Galad Banner
    Arwen Banner
    Elven Warrior Banners

    Rohirrim Banners

    Eomer Banner

    Erkenbrand Banner
    Rohirrim Warrior Banners
    Staff Flags







    Square Flags

    Gondorian Banners

    Aragorn Banners

    Isildur Banner
    Gondor Warrior Banners
    Staff Flags


    Dwarven Banners

    Dwarf Warrior Banners

    Evil Banners

    These banners are suitable for your evil forces.

    Mordor and Moria Banners

    Mordor Warrior Banners

    No Holes
    Staff Flags


    Isengard Banners

    Isengard Uruk-hai Banners
    Staff Flags


    Non marked banners contributed from a german PDF that's been floating around the net.


    Using these preprinted banners will add very detailed depth to your armies. Feel free to update any new ones you create on your own, or especially upload any images of mini's you've painted with these banners.

    - Shnar Gru


    This is quite good but i'll just by them in the command sets because i am rubbish at making these.

    I haven't include a how-to yet on how to save the images, print them, apply them to s, etc. It's pretty easy, actually. But what's this about a Command Set? Are they going to sell these preprinted on stickypaper? That'd be great.
    -Shnar Gru

    Here is a quick run down on how to apply them. First you print out the banner(s) you want (they are the same size as the ones you see on the screen). Than cut them out and attach it to the banner's stick by folding it around. Add glue on the faces of the banners that will touch and connect them. Now the banner will look straight so you may want to bend the banner around and hold it for a windy affect. To attach the banner to the miniature you may have to saw/cut off any weapons and glue it. Glue isn't really reliable so try using a pin vice to make a hole through the 's hand and slip the banner through.


    i want 2 use sum gondor ones but they wont cum up.

    -Twitch Of Gondor
    If they're taking a long time to download, dbl-click to edit the page to find out the exact URL and then just copy/paste into your browser to get the image directly. For example, paste this link in your browser and you should see the banner:

    -Shnar Gru

    OK iv made one now for my men of Minas Tirith. He looks well good. This is a really helpful page, cheers.

    -Twitch Of Gondor
    Recently on I've found a site that stole our banner page and put it on freewebs. LINKS:

    Oooo. I don't mind others putting these images on their sites, after all, that's all I did, and we should all be sharing and celebrating the game, not competing over who's site is better. However, I don't like them stealing my bandwidth! That freewebs image literally took the HTML of this page and displayed it, including linking the images to my images. That I don't like. If the author wants to do that, then save the image and host it on their own server.

    I think I'm going to rename all my images tonight and update this page to point to the new images (their page will be broken).

    I posted a complaint on their forum at . Watch, a flame war will ensue and all I'm asking for is credit and stop stealing bandwidth.

    -Shnar Gru
    That's not very nice Sorry about that as you know I have changed the link. Just to say I didn't create the site but I did create the tutorial.

    Yeah, I know, and I don't hold you in blame at all, more the owner of that freewebs site. In fact, your article is decent, something this page is lacking. We've got the images but not the how-to's. If you feel the urge, you can fill in the gap here too

    As I said on the one-ring forums, thanks for being so prompt and understanding

    -Shnar Gru

    have you got some haradrim banners??

    You know what, I've never seen Haradrim specific ones before. For the most part, they're just given Mordor banners, but I'm sure you could do something more specific to the region. If you come across any, post them here too

    -Shnar Gru
    I have come across some haradrim and Dol Amroth banners on the GW website, and would post them here if they weren't copywrited. I seem to remember I saw them on the black gobbo issue that had the painting guide for Dol Amroth. 22 i think? If you can't find them, email me ask ask me for them.

    -King Of Gondor
    Here are the Dol Amroth and Haradrim banners:

    -King Of Gondor
    Aww, the images are gone. King Of Gondor, email. me the images and I'll put them up on my server.

    -Shnar Gru
    Sure, and the only reason they were in a comment was because they were DA and Harad together.

    -King Of Gondor

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