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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited May 15, 2004)

I am Morgoth.

I created and run the Utumno Forums, the second largest fan site on the net!

439 members!
Welcome "Morgoth". Personally, I'd prefer you'd pick a more unique username, something not just lifted from Tolkien's works, but to each his own. Also, for Wiki sites, it's best if there were two caps in the usernames, something like LordMorgoth?? (See Wiki Name for more info).

Question, is this your userpage or a website page? Or Both? I'm putting the Categories then here for both unless you decide otherwise.

Oh, and thanks for following good netiquette by not putting your link blatently on the front page and rather creating a new page for it. We all appreciate it

-Shnar Gru
Morgoth!, I, Lord Glorfindel, will break you like waves upon the shore. The dar fire shall not avail you ! but welcome ot this comunity and i am guessing you collect the foul race of orcs and other twisted creatures that should not have their place in Arda - noroliem Mor Goth noroliem!

Hi Shnar, I'm pretty much known across the rest of the gaming web world as Morgoth, so that's what I chose as most will know me I don't quite understand what you mean about two capital letters?

Which do you mean? My forum is my site, yes

And about putting the link on the front page..people have the cheek to do that? lol, No problem


No problem then about the name. I tend to encourage more unique name, since a lot of people would probably try to call themselves "Morgoth", and thus sparking some confusion. As for the Wiki Name, the idea is that if a word is written out with more than one capital letter (and no spaces), then Wiki will automatically link the name to that page, if it exists. For example, if you type ShnarGru (two capitals, no spaces), then Wiki will link it like this: Shnar Gru

And if the page doesn't exist yet, Wiki will put a question mark next to the name and if you click on it, you can create the page. For example, this page doesn't exist: ShnarGruTheSneakyOrc? and see the red question mark? That means the page doesn't exist and if you want to create the page you just click the link.

Anyways, the point is, since most of us have two or more capital letters in our name, whenever we sign our pages, Wiki automatically links the name back to our userpage. Since your name doesn't have two capital letters, Wiki just treats it as a normal word. If you want it to link, you'll need to surround it with double-brackets, like this [[Morgoth]]. This is called a "free link". See Help On Linking for more info.

As for the userpage vs. link page, I ended up just creating a separate page for the Utumno Forums (see the link), that way we can keep the Categories separated. And oh, yeah, typically most people who haven't been around the net very long will link on the front page. I think it'd happed a couple times right before your page was created, which was what prompted my somewhat impatient comment. Hasn't happened in a while (mostly just vandales on the front page now).

-Shnar Gru
Interesting. This Wiki sounds very cool in terms of different functionalities. Nice work -Morgoth

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Edited May 15, 2004 (diff)
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