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LotR Wiki

Mr Mclukus

Edit this page (last edited September 28, 2005)

hi everybody

i love the rohirrim and i will be posting a picture of them soon


i will be adding a pictures of my converted rohan force soon. all of the conversions are done from foot warriors.

Mr Mclukus

Sadly, these arent mine.


i have also made a helms deep model which is almost finished and i will post a picture of it onto the scenery page.

Mr Mclukus

neither is this.


i have designed a base which is suposed.... did i spell that right? anyhoo 'intended' to look like it is positioned beside a stream.
my pages are:

Terrain/Buildings/Helms Deep

Miniatures/Conversions/Rohirrim With Axe And Bow

miniatures/conversions/Rohirrim With Spear Instead Of Sword


Yess... Rohan are kickass and I hope that these conversions are good, do you have statistics tables for them? By the way, I changed me name in order to shorten it, but thanks for your discretion on the Cartoon pic!!!

These conversions will be mad..

Bab Y123
Hi Doctor Nick!!! Sorry, just couldn't help myself. Welcome anyway

-The Precious
how do you get your name to hyperlink. mine isnt working or is that just on my computer

Mr Mclukus
Hey Mr Mclukus, don't put the space in your name when you type it in (i.e. MrMclukus) as Wiki does it for you (it appears that you may have worked that out). I've moved everything over to the page with a Wiki name and marked the other pages for deleting. Everthing should be working now. Your name won't be linked when it shows up on "your" (this) page, but it will be linked when you type it without the space on other pages. Please update your user name in the "Preferences" section of the menu bar, so we know when you have altered a page.

-The Precious
thanks my precious.

Mr Mclukus
Sounds good , man, I do Rohirrim too, oh yeah and uh welcome to this page pal,

actually i collect everyone becase i have a subscription to Lot R BGi ME

Mr Mclukus
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Edited September 28, 2005 (diff)
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