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LotR Wiki

Neix J

Edit this page (last edited July 14, 2005)

If death comes on the battlefield, I shall welcome it, for if there is a better way to make an end than with a sturdy blade reddened by an enemies blood, I do not know of it - Suladan, The Serpent Lord.

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    This is my Minature Gallery
    Neix J/Miniature Gallery

    And My Terrain Gallery
    Neix J/Terrain Gallery


    My own home-baked scenarios
    Gaming/Solo Play/New Scenarios/Escape From Osgiliath


    Conversions planned/done by none other than me!
    Miniatures/Conversions/Gandalf With Arrow

    Battle Reports

    Battle Reports of Games I have participated in
    Uruk Hai Vs Men Of Minas Tirith
    Gaming/War Stories/Greatest Battle Of Our Time
    Gaming/War Stories/So It Begins The Seige Of Osgiliath


    Army lists, stratergies and tactics devised by the one and only Neix J
    Gaming/Tactics/Good Armies
    Gaming/Tactics/Mumak Shutdown


    My lists of main friends on this Wiki. If your not on this list and you think Im a good freind of yours, then your either delusional or I missed you somehow, so leave me a message and I will have it sorted out. Also, for jealousy reasons which occured when The Precious put up a friend list, I will be putting it in alphabetical order.

    • Eomer - Another Rohan collector! Forth Eorlingas!
    • Shnar Gru - The site wouldnt be here, helped me out when I started.


    Welcome Aboard Neix J

    Feel free to contribute whereever pulls you, or start your own new projects. Oh, and don't forget to set your name in the User Preferences so that we all know who it is when you make your changes

    -Shnar Gru
    Hey Neix J. I'm a kiwi and I'm on issue 7 u think u cou cd send me sum pics and mi email on King Of Gondor ?

    -King Of Gondor

    Am sori, King Of Gondor, but have no digi camera or anything to take pics on. SUprised i actually have messages on here! I promised myslef i wouldn't cry *sniff sniff* lol. Projects eh? Im in the middle of building a hedge, cannot do anymore until i have some flock that doesn't look like a pile of chopped up baloonz.

    Neix J

    Oh, and btw, Shnar Gru, how do i post pictures lol?

    Neix J

    By "pichas", do you mean pictures? Due to bandwidth concerns, I decided to not allow pictures posted here. You have to host them on a different site and then just link them here. The Community/FAQ talks about it and lists a couple good spots that you can freely host images.

    Oh, and I changed your "Models" page to /Miniature Gallery and your "Terrain" page to /Terrain Gallery . This way, they are automatically linked on the Miniatures/Gallery and Terrain/Gallery pages.

    -Shnar Gru
    Yeah, I do mean picutres. Sorry, Im getting used to not using internet-speak, which tooks me months to start using, sorry, will try better. Ok, well, I dont mean to be kinding like a police interrogater, but I have tried to look at as many model galleries as I can, and not seen links or anything. So is this a new rule? Or haven't many people joined since you brought it in?

    Neix J
    Look at the Miniatures/Gallery page, particularly at the "code" behind it (i.e. edit the page). You'll see it's a dynamic page, one that queries all the pages looking for anything with the name MiniatureGallery as part of the title. This way, when a user creates a MiniatureGallery page, it will be automatically listed there. Same goes with the Terrain gallery. It's not new, just usually takes new users a while to catch on. Wiki's a different concept than most people are used to and takes a bit of time to grasp.

    -Shnar Gru
    You shot who in the what now?

    Neix J
    Hi this is The Terrain Dude just to say i have added the painting guide for rangers to the painting section!:) + if you like rangers you should take a look at the supplement i added in the scenario page or use the link below.1

    The Terrain Dude
    I did take a look. Are they real Characters, the heroes? :p, I am only in Lothlorien reading Fot R, so I have to go on movies other than that.

    Neix J
    I just finished reading Fot R. One thing I don't get though is, where is the Ambush at Amon Hen? I mean, is it at the beggining of the next book or summut?

    Neix J

    Yeah, it's actually at the start of the two towers... the first chapter is something like 'the passing of boromir'.

    -King Of Gondor
    Weird, the Books are so different from the movies... Like, Narsil is called Anduril in the book, and it was forged in Fot R, not Rot K? This is such an new COncept to me... Also with Shelob's lair... The movies have the timeline all mixeded up!

    Neix J

    Yeah, I know wat u mean!

    -King Of Gondor

    Hi, It's me. I've realised that with all these friends lists, we have created a more of a social community than what came before us. Doesn't that make you proud? Next minute I'll be making threats like:" If you don't put me at the top of your list, then you won't go at the top of mine" Hell, we'll turn into blonde bimbos any..second.

    P.s -King Of Gondor, Neix J, Your on my list, if anyone isn't on my who thinks they should, they're either delusional, or if serious, I take Visa, 50 will cover it!

    PP.s I wasn't being serious, this whole message is hypothetical.


    This is for Neix un king of gondor, I don't know why, but I seeming to have tricked myself that I am actually a director, but oh well, might as-well live out this fantasy

    Firstly climaxes cancel each other out, so that is why shelob is not at the end of TT, it would ruin helms deep un isengard scenes.

    Secondly, Tolkien never planned for the book to be published, never mind sectioned into a trilogy, so he didn't plan, say amon hen accordingly

    Thirdly, Timelines are hard to stick to when you have to keep action frequent and the story flowing, thats why tom bombadil wasn't in and frodo trek in TT didn't seem to be as boring as in the book. It seems to go from Balck gate, to captured by the rangers in secs.(Ok minutes)

    Fourthly, If you mean shelob lair was too late in comparison to helms deep, just cos their in the same book your wrong. It says in the book that as Frodo climbs the stairs near cirith Ungol, he sees Minas Tirith being attacked, or at least the army leaving, so in fact it more in with the timeline, than the book.

    Cya! Movie analyst, UGLUK1000

    Very well explained, UGLUK1000and thanx for the comment above that

    -King Of Gondor

    The Journey of the ranger supplement i made, has as far as i know made up characters for there is no books which i know containing lots of information on rangers. If someone out there does know prehaps they could tell me the books title.

    Thanks The Terrain Dude

    Hey, don't try and say I was stupid! I haven;t read the second and third books yet? Lol, I know your not being mean I dunno about much great info about rangers (which sucks really), but I guess the best way is to study the time when the rangers have their ambush/capture Frodo and Sam.

    Neix J

    Well, if this is any help, its not in Unfinished Tales

    It is in Unfinished tails would have been more helpful... But un fortunately, Neiither I or The Terrain Dude are God, so we can't make it so. Damn!

    Neix J

    Well, thats where your in luck.........., Oh wait no, I'm not God either. Though I could live out another fantasy. No not today.

    Ugluk, Im assuming you wrote that post, so I put your name on it. Unfortunately, fantasies arent real (DAMN! ) so noone except God can be God. So, he gets to take all the credit.

    Neix J

    From earlier on Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Of The Rangers i just found out that apparently some of the new rangers of the north are supposed to be half elf or pure elf so this fits in well with Arli. Prehaps i can even convert a new ranger to be arli1. Plus i wasnt trying to stay your stupid i was just saying there isnt much in the books about rangers or in the books ive read anyway. From alot earlier, elindils sword was called narsil only when it was reforged it became Anduril flame of the west. Also do uou collect a specific army, i collect gondor.

    The Terrain Dude
    I collect BGi ME, so i don;t have a specific collection of models, but I plan on having a Gondor army for good and a Mordor army for Evil (Uruks just cost too much). For a conversion into Arli, perhpas you might like chop off a wood elves head, put it on a rangers body. Though, I think Rnagers of the North (like Argaorn, the men of dunedain) are different from Rnagers of Gondor/Illithen?.

    Neix J
    Well I agree they cost a lot but still think there pretty strong

    - Whitehand
    Well yeah, but look at my battle report to see the dangers of using Uruk-Hai and being outnumbered.

    Neix J

    Hi Neix! I've Had the Same Problem Wit Issue 13! I Wish Deagnosti Would Get There Act Together!

    Me 2... I mean, even is they mixed it up with ish 12, I got a proper ish 12. Did u?

    Neix J
    Yeah I Did Get A Proper Issue 12!

    A friend of mine let me borrow his misprint ish 12... but im still gunna contact De Agostini. Does anyone know the adress?

    Neix J
    If You Go to You Can Press A Complaint About Anything to do With BGI ME! I've Already Complained!

    That thing works less than my brain!

    Neix J
    I've Got An Email Back From De Agostini Saying to Send My Issue Back & They'll send Me A Replacement One! By the Way Why Aint I On Your Freinds List? *Sob*

    Co G, I let you put yourself on my friends list cause I trusted you. Well I could kick you sad sorry ash in a battle any day of the week.

    Neix J
    I Was Just Joking Around Wit Ya! And Don't Be Too Sure on that Last Comment!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    YOu lookin for trouble?

    Yeah, Im lookin for trouble!

    Well you gunna get trouble!

    Thats good, cause I want trouble!

    Then where agreed therell be trouble!

    Oh yeah, lots of trouble!

    For you!

    Neix J
    YOUR ON!!!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Notice I is the one who says For You in the above conversation. And we may aswell tell everyone that we is battaling now.

    Neix J

    If I read the comment on King Of Gondor's page correctly, you've just had your birthday Neix J? If so, happy birthday!

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Happy Birthday to You, Squished PO-TA-TOES And Stew, Squished Banana In the Gutter, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    No, I had my birthday two months ago. I put it up on this page. Seems no one notices.

    Neix J

    -Captain Of Gondor
    XP S'ok

    Neix J
    Hey Neix J, have you signed up with the Open Eye gaming club yet? Well worth it at the moment as Mindgames are offering 25% off on all GW minis for members. I got around to it on the weekend. They have a huge painting competition on at the start of next month, I'm trying to figure out which model I want to paint and enter.

    -The Precious
    I so have to do that. The second I get the money... We should really have a battle their someday.

    Neix J
    Sounds like fun, only problem is that I don't really play the game much, I'm more into the collecting and painting, so you would most definitely kick my butt.

    -The Precious
    Well, you always be able to beat me in the painting contest... I if I even get the time to enter... Depends.

    Neix J
    Hey Neix J, I ended up entering my Gandalf, only finished it last night (I'll take photos for this site/my page after the comp). It's on display in the case at Mind Games. The opposition looks pretty stiff, some really impressive models in my class, I'll just have to wait and see how I go.

    -The Precious

    Cool! Ill have to check it out... I think i saw it yesterday when I was bying Teracotta and Skull White...

    Neix J

    Hi Neix J. Yes, I am a rohan collecter but I am also going to start collecting elves... when I get some money! By the way whats RRS???


    Royal Rohan Standard?

    Neix J
    Thankies for changing that conversion-name thingy Shnar Gru!

    Neix J
    No body posts on poor Neix J's page anymore... Im insulted and disgusted by all of you! Especially my children!

    Neix J

    Lasta Greyshield says :"Post on my page if you want post's on yours!"

    Ok, I'll bite. Here's a post for you Neix - you are da' BOMB! Thanks for selling the Ugluk mini to me. I'll send a picture when I finally get around to painting it.

    Id wanna hope you paint it better than I did. Cause if you dont... good lord itll look horrible.

    Neix J

    Hey, your paint job was nothing a little laquer thinner couldn't strip. He's all cleaned up and ready to go. He'll get e new coat of metal primer soon adn I'll be off and running. Paint jobs are relative. The most important thing is having fun at what ever skill level the painter is, right? Catch you later.

    HI EVERYBODY!I new here please let me feel loved by posting on my page.

    Mr Mclukus
    heey, nice profile Neix, I am new here to, can anyone help me, I don't know how to get any pics in my profile?

    Can I be your friend? And why Shnar-Gru he is like 40!

    Bour Bon
    Erm, do you mean why is Shnar Gru on his friend's list? If so he is on mine because he is a helpful and friednly guy, he created this site and ages arn't exactly that important, look at TLA, the leaders are grown men and so are most of the rangers (no offence). Sorry if this was not waht you were asking Bourbon, but as your post asked to be on his friends list, I may an educated guess

    -The Terrain Dude

    How the hell do ya create a miniature gallery? plz tell me.

    Boromir Captain of the White Tower
    Borimir, I just created your Mini gallery, it is a sub page from "your" main page.

    -The Precious
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